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Shredding the Event Horizon and The Evolution of Humanity …Quantum Physics meets Phenomenology

This is the article I want to send out introducing my philosophy to the scientific community.   Woohoo. Now only one more to go and I’m ready to focus completely on marketing.


How the emotions can swing.  Going to a celebration tonight for Divali, the Hindu New Year, a real high.  Thinking and planning for that when I got an email from a friend who lives on the other side of the world that his 43 year old wife just died.  Oh, how my heart goes out to him.  How I wish I could be there for him. Oh, how I hope she was not in pain.  Om.  Shanti.  Shanti.  Shanti.


Just a reminder to me and anyone else who might someday read these posts.  Their purpose was to force me to focus on a daily basis on completing and getting my writing ready for publication by the end of the year, as well as to chronicle any other events that might happen.  Well, the writing is close to completion and there will be another talk this Thursday night as part of San Francisco’s Re:Imagine End of Life Week.  I still don’t know where this will all end up.  But I guess that’s just part of the game.


Unbelievable how doing hospice energizes me.  I saw eleven patients today.  Comforted them and their families,  Made them less fearful about this most natural thing that is going to happen. We can’t stop it from happening… but we can make it easier and less painful and scary.  Nice.


Heard a pitch yesterday from a book promoter, Steve Harrison.  Make sure you book doesn’t just say what you want.  Make sure it is about what people want. In your writing, ask people to do one thing. Something they want to do.  Something tangible.  How about, share this with your local scientist.  Or if you are a scientist, a quantum physicist studying the universe, contact me.  Let us work together to bring this reality to life.  Let my experiences prove your theories. It could change the future of life.


ps. I’ll start by sending this to the New York Times Magazine… an exclusive… for publication no earlier than mid-January 2017.

(cont’d from yesterday)

The problem is that up till now, these thoughts have not been able to be tied down by mathematics and have been labeled religion and belief systems, both of which are antithetical to scientists. But what if the experience the ancients had was correct but could not by proved simply because scientific thinking had not progressed enough to meet it half way? And if the findings of modern quantum physics could now allow this subjectivity to become objective? That would be big.

This, therefore, is the purpose of this article… to share my experiential, reproducible, phenomenological findings with modern science. Do not hold against them the fact that they may agree with some belief systems that you hold to be less than scientific. Rather, apply them to your scientific theories, and see how they fit. Which of your models match? How does the external measurable math fit the internal meaningful experiences? You are a mathematician. I am not. This is why we have to work together.

By the way, it is not that surprising that it has taken this long for humanity to reach a point where it can finally step to the side to examine the consciousness that exists inside, outside, and everywhere in between. In the words of the old Sufi saying, “I don’t know who it was who first discovered water, but it certainly wasn’t a fish.”


Philosophers and prophets have been saying for millennia that Consciousness, the ”I AM” experience, is the origin of it all. The ancient teachings of Kashmir Shaivism, dating back to 3000 B.C. posit that pure non-physical consciousness exists within all beings and that it is the step by step involution of this consciousness into a non-conscious physicality that has produced the Universe. This is paralleled by the modern teachings of Siddha Yoga and the Integral philosophy of Sri Aurobindo.

In the western Bible, when Moses asks God for his name and he responds “I AM that I AM” (Exodus 3:14) that would seem to come to the same conclusion. Similarly, Jesus’ words “the kingdom of heaven is within you” (Luke 17:21) could not be more to the point. Plus, it has been noted that what has been translated from Aramaic as “I am the way” (John 14:6) could just as easily been translated as “I am is the way”, which does not deny the purity or divinity of Jesus in the slightest, although it gives his followers a different direction to look for their own answers.


Short post today.  I’m busy writing.


Had a hard time going to sleep last night.  My body was relaxed, no RLS or anything like that, but my mind was extremely awake and actively thinking about the writing.  Here’s what I think I came up with.  Make the quantum physics article the first piece out there… sent as an attachment to a one page How It All Works teaser to Science Editor at NY Times, etc.  Limit to around 5000 words and feature several ‘findings’ that are being put out there for physicists to verify.   Also point out that anyone can do it, but it falls outside scope of this article and reference Handbook, which would be marketed to publishers after article is sold but before it is published. Sounds like a reasonable plan. Also figured I’d ask Matt Durack to do illustrations.   More to come.


Lots going on with Re: Imagine Life. But it’s all about dealing with the death of others.  I wonder if people are even interested and willing to talk about their own impending deaths?


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