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Who We Are What We Are

Today marks the 2/3 point of 2016 and my commitment, made on January 1, to enter a blog post every day for a year. ¬†Back then, this day was far, far away. ¬†Now, it’s just another moment in the here and now. Fascinating. ¬†And now back to further work on The Handbook. ¬†Am I having fun yet? Yup.


Nothing special to say today. ¬†I’m back from yoga and will spend the rest of the day editing and refining The Handbook. It’s very nice to have a plan for a day. Saves a lot of agita.


Okay. ¬†Time to get down to serious work on The Handbook. ¬†It’s really all written¬†and merely has to be edited. ¬† The faster I get this done the more time it will give me to work on the Quantum Physics connection. ¬†Could I have all three out by the end of the year? ¬†Why not? What are the waves I wish to turn into particles?


Up to Sonoma today for a big birthday party for a 0ne-year old. ¬†Will he appreciate it years from now? If enough pictures are taken and saved, he very possibly will. ¬†Will I eat and drink and enjoy myself? Absolutely! ¬†Will I also be thinking about my writing? ¬†Absolutely! ¬†Will there be any breakthroughs? I’ll let you know when we get back. ¬†Enjoy the day.


Enough talking about it. ¬†I’m going to spend the rest of the day editing and working to finalize the Handbook of the New Consciousness. ¬†What happens to it next, is something else.


Just back from the gym. ¬†It’s amazing, at this age, how rapidly you can lose vitality, stamina, energy, and all that good stuff by simply missing a workout or two. ¬†So here’s a thought I had while sitting on the potty before going swimming. ¬†Once the poop is in the bowl, it’s certainly not a part of ‘me’… who I am. ¬†But before it leaves… while it’s still inside me… it is part of me. ¬†It adds to my weight, affects my movements, produces gas, etc., so it is part off me… right? ¬†Or not. ¬†Am I just the body that is processing the food and turning it into shit… which means that there is extraneous material inside me at all times? ¬†Or am I really the consciousness inside that housing I think of as my body which is just as alien to who ‘I’ am as the poop inside it? ¬†Interesting.


So I just got a hit to do the Watts Knew article.  Alan Watts was a teacher of consciousness.  He took you to where he was and challenged you to join him. I once met his son who told me a limerick his father had composed.

There once was a man who said, “tho

It seems that I know what I know.

What I’d like to see

Is the I that knows me

When I know that I know that I know.


Years later¬†‘I’ know just what he means.



So back to work. ¬†Once again I realize that there is nothing I ‘have’¬†to do. ¬† It should all be fun… something I ‘want’ to do. ¬†How about a major opus… The Roving ‘I’ that would include The Tao, The Handbook, and my own personal story to generate people thinking of their own experiences. Plus, there should be something about quantum physics and Kashmir Shaivism and¬†how “I AM” connects science and religion. ¬†Basically, I could just keep putting previous writing together, editing, and adding new stuff for as long as I can. ¬†If it can be published anywhere along the way, great. ¬†If it doesn’t, it wasn’t supposed to. ¬†It can be published by my family posthumously or cremated along with me. ¬†The universe will continue one way or another.


So I’m back in San Francisco after a short trip to Palm Springs. ¬†Am I ready to get back to my writing? No. Another day at least. ¬†For now, I’ll take a nap, thank you.


One more day in the desert and back this evening to San Francisco and temperatures half as high (in Fahrenheit) as they are down here. ¬†Amazing how humans can adapt to so many things. ¬†And Neal… Thanks for a lovely vacation.


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