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It’s happened to all of us.  We’re driving somewhere and run into a roadblock that forces us to turn around and find some other route to get where we’re going.  Or, we go to our favorite restaurant and find they just ran out of what we went there for.  Or, the college course we wanted to take is full, or the outfit we were planning to wear has a stain on it, or the person we thought was cool turned out to be a jerk… or as in the normal course of all of our lives… things just don’t seem to go the way we planned.

No matter what the crisis, no matter how important or unimportant it may be, there’s always that feeling of disappointment, followed by a feeling of confusion, followed by an inevitable self questioning… “So now what do I do?”  The answer to that question can define who we are.

Do we just sit there and piss and moan, throw things, cry, and act like a jerk?  Do we feel the universe is against us and wonder “why me?  Or do we shrug our shoulders, accept what we cannot change, and look for the best alternative way to go from here?

I imagine that if life were absolutely perfect with all of our inner wishes getting gratified the moment they came to mind, it would get boring mighty fast.  It may sound like Nirvana to have everything just the way we want it, but what would we do when we got up in the morning?  What would there be to strive for, to aim for, to do with our time?  Perhaps that is why life is not always exactly as we would like it, to give us the opportunity to decide between options and choose where to go from here.

How many times have we heard of someone who went the wrong way and found what they were looking for, got lost somewhere and ended up finding themselves, tried something new and it ended up changing their lives for the better.  Confusion and disappointment need not be negatives if we do not let them take over our thoughts, emotions, and lives.  Give them their due… and then move on.

The quote from Dr. Haridas Chaudhuri on the home page of this website is a good way to move on when your plans go awry and things are not going exactly as you would like them to.    “Your life has been given to you with all its impulses and urges, thoughts and emotions, talents and handicaps, as the raw material to be fashioned into a thing of beauty and joy, by whatever creative ability you can summon.”   It may not have been the way you originally intended… but there is always a best way to go from here.



Hi all…
Attached you will find the flier for a program I will be giving in San Francisco on Sunday, August 30th, at 11AM.  The subject is the culmination of my life’s work and I am particularly delighted to share this with you.  The message, the interconnectness of all life, has been taught before.  My contribution is a unique method for experiencing this Oneness designed to lead the devout believer, confirmed atheist, and everyone in between, experientially and non-dogmatically, to that place of knowing within themselves.  I invite you to come and be part of the experience, spread the word, invite others, and send me all the positive energy you can.  It is experiencing this very energy we all share at our core that will eventually shape the future of humanity.


Cultural Integration Fellowship

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The Roving ‘I’

with Anton Grosz, PhD Sunday, August 30, 2015 at 11:00 am

The Roving ‘I’ is a newly launched website based on the principles of Pragmatic Integralism and designed to lead readers via stories, puzzles, and experiential games to the threshold of New Consciousness. This is the understanding that when we say “I AM” we are speaking fact… and that anything else we say to describe ourselves after that is just adjectives. Today’s session will share some of those stories, play some of those games, and let you experience for yourself the common “I” we all share within our unique and individual personas.

Anton Grosz, PhD, received his Doctorate in Philosophy and Religion from CIIS in 1995 with a dissertation “Consciousness in Evolution: Living the Integral Reality of Dr. Haridas Chaudhuri.” He lives with his wife, Phyllis, in San Francisco where he serves as Spiritual and Bereavement Counselor for Crossroads Home Care and Hospice.

The Cultural Integration Fellowship was founded in 1951 by Dr. Haridas Chaudhuri and Mrs. Bina Chaudhuri as a center for universal religion and spiritual practice. Seeking a dynamic integration of the cultural and spiritual values of all people, the Fellowship teaches the complementarity of the world’s great religions

and philosophies and celebrates our unity in diversity.

guests are cordially invited ♦ free will offering
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What if there were eyes on the ends of the fingers? And they looked out and saw the thumb and said, “You stupid thumb, coming from a different direction! Take that! And that! And that!”… and they scratched the thumb and made it bleed and it got all infected and the infection went into the hand and back up into the fingers and they all got infected, too. Would the fingers have scratched the thumb if they knew they were all connected and hurting another would hurt themselves?

By any rule of reason… probably not.  Once they realized they were all connected they would probably have lived in peace with the thumb… doing things together that had never been done before… and get this… which neither the fingers nor the thumb could have done on their own.   Talk about an evolutionary moment.

* * *

Shouldn’t it be the same with humans?   Aren’t we at least as smart as our fingers?  Knowing we are all connected by our ‘I’… why should we hurt ourselves?

We will still have differences…of course… that’s the fun of it all.  How boring if we were all the same.  But we will celebrate our differences by using our individual, separate, skills, talents and abilities for the benefit of all.   The good of the whole… and each of its parts.  This should usher in an era of Perpetual Peace and Universal Understanding.  Sort of like how our bodily organs are all different and have different talents… but  work together for the good and welfare of the sum of the parts.

What I am saying is not new.  What The Roving ‘I’ has to say has been said before in the course of human history… by a lot of people… smart people… good people as it turns out.  “I am …that I am.”  “I am … the way”.  “The Tao that can be spoken is not the Tao”.   There are many paths to the highest Truth, and whichever you follow, if you are true to it and heed the teachings of its founder, as opposed to those of se followers, you will reach your goal.  The exercises in The Roving ‘I’  should help you on your path.

It will happen… in fact… it is happening… even as we speak.  You know how a curved line can go slowly along the x axis… taking a long time to hardly get off the ground… and then suddenly… whoosh… it turns the corner and goes straight up the y axis.  Well… that’s where humanity is with New Consciousness.   At the corner.  Here’s where we all get together and suddenly, when the right mass has been reached… I becomes ‘I’.


* * *

ps… This thread started 7/17/15

pps…  Next blog we’ll start to look at evolution and experience how we got here.

ppps… The Roving ‘I’ site is coming along.  As soon as it’s ready… you’ll be the first to know and we can begin the real adventure.




Welcome to The Roving ‘I’… the experience of  New Consciousness… the growing understanding that when we say “I AM”… we are speaking fact…  and anything we say after that is just an adjective.

From earliest times humans have related to the adjectives that separate us… the separate bodies… ideas… experiences… emotions… those things that make us different… separate… me from you… you from me.  And we’ve even given these different things names…

black… white… brown… yellow… red… male… female… young… old… rich… poor… American… Asian… African… Christian… Muslim… Jewish… Atheist…                          blah… blah… blah… … … …

New Consciousness says….  “Yes.  That is true.  No two of you are exactly the same on the outside.  But that “I AM” feeling we each have at our core doesn’t just feel the same for each of us… it is the same “I AM” for all of us.   There’s really only One of us here… looking out at the world through any number of different bodies, minds, and adjectives. This awareness is New Consciousness.

My “I” is not just the same as your “I”… it is the same “I”.   No matter which one of us says it.  Wow.  Know that we share our “I” and your individual I becomes ‘I’.    Be ‘I’… Experience the New Consciousness.

I am separate… ‘I’ am connected.  Everything is different now.  Really.  And this is just as true for the ‘I’ reading these words ‘now’ as it is for the ‘I’ writing these words ‘now’.  When enough of us know ‘I’ and feel ‘I’ and live ‘I’… it will be a major evolutionary step in the development of life on Earth… as big as when some primal being gained consciousness and experienced individual I in the first place.

So this is why The Roving ‘I’ is here… to help you experience and be a part of the New Consciousness.  To experience your ‘I’.  And that’s why we’re so glad you joined us.  You see, this giant evolutionary leap, unlike all previous ones in the history of Earth, is voluntary… so welcome aboard.

* * *


Very important.  This is not a religious site… but it respects all religious paths that do not force their beliefs on others.  And it’s not a scientific site… though it respects scientific findings and honors reason and logic.  The Roving ‘I’ does what it does precisely because it bridges the gap between science and religion… explaining the evolution of human consciousness in an accessible experiential way that will make sense to the devout believer, the dogmatic atheist, and everyone in between.  The Roving ‘I’ touches the immediate, immanent shared experience of existence that truly makes us One… no matter what we want to call it.

The Roving ‘I’  is not just about the New Consciousness… it is the New Consciousness… designed to lead us each to the “I AM” within us all.”


ps… ‘I’ will be posting several times a week for starters.   ‘I’ will be growing larger over time as you all come on board and we begin to work ‘I’ to ‘I’.

pps … The Roving ‘I’ site  is under construction.  Meanwhile, feel free to poke around this old archival site if you wish.




Last night I went to see a preview of Pixar’s “Inside Out” – Meet the Little Voices Inside Your Head and had a really fun time. The imagination and talent needed to create the setting and characters portrayed inside our little heroine’s head is just amazing. The film was a joy to look at as well as an emotional rollercoaster with laugh out loud guffaws and the need to wipe the tears from your cheeks. Plus it told a story that youngsters and their parents can easily relate to. And it didn’t even have a Bad Guy. Yea!!! And yet…

It could have been so much more. I had been hoping that at some point Riley would take control of her emotions, and had even Tweeted…

If this film lets young people see emotions as things we control as opposed to things that control us… it is major. #InsideOutAllAccess

…with enough favorites and retweets to show that others felt that way, too. Well, it didn’t happen. The emotions were in charge from beginning to end and she remained clueless. And even though the emotions had their head to head moments (play on words intended) there was no Teaching Moment… no time when all the emotions felt a presence controlling them. No time when Riley took over control of Headquarters for herself and said “I” am in charge.

This is not to say that a youngster can’t get that from the film. In an interview on NPR, Director Pete Docter told of a young boy, afraid of diving, who saw the film and then dived, telling others “I had let fear be in control”. Good for him… but he got that himself.

There could have been so many teaching moments for youngsters. In the simple act of Riley walking down the street, which she does several times… fear jumping in as she is about to step off a curb without looking… disgust reacting as someone walking past throws a candy wrapper on the ground… sadness and joy holding hands as she does something nice for someone in need. Nothing.

Also, unexpectedly, most of the film dealt with memories and the embedded emotions associated with them as opposed to the immediacy of emotions and how they affect us in the moment. Only in a confrontation around the kitchen table with her parents do we see this emotional reaction in action. I was sorry there weren’t more scenes like it.

Please understand. I loved “Inside Out”. It was so much fun. Go see it. You’ll love it, too. But it could have been so much more. Could have been so much more ‘evolutionary’. Could have led humanity closer to a true understanding of self. In the on-screen Q & A with Pete Docter after the screening, he commented on how many ideas had been thrown around and considered and how many had been rejected… just because you can’t do everything.

Pixar… you did great. You took the visions inside your head and put them inside our heads. Just what the Docter ordered. Just next time… go deeper… aim higher.


I am so excited. Next week, Pixar Studios will be releasing their new movie… “Inside Out” – Meet the Little Voices Inside Your Head. It’s hitting theaters on Friday the 19th… but I am going to a special limited preview on Tuesday the 16th that will even have a tele-conferenced Q&A with writer and director Peter Docter and many of the stars. I can’t wait.

In case you’ve missed all the hype… the film is set in the mind of a young girl, Riley Anderson, who is uprooted from her Midwest life when her father starts a new job in San Francisco. The personified emotions, Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust, and Sadness live inside Riley’s mind where they help advise her as she and her emotions struggle to adjust to a new life in San Francisco.

Yes, it is an animated film for kids. And yes, it’s destined to make ‘Riley’ the new ‘Madison’ when it comes to girl’s names. But as if that’s not enough, ’Inside Out’ is actually a really big evolutionary step in the development of human life on Earth. If only half as many youngsters who watched Frozen and now sing “Let It Go” at every elementary and pre-school talent show learn to step back and pay attention to which emotion is controlling them at any given moment, thanks to Pixar, humanity will have experienced as great an evolutionary shift as took place when we first climbed down out of the trees and started to walk upright.

Think about it. ‘Inside Out’ will allow us to watch emotions in action and know that they are separate from the little girl who is experiencing them. They affect her, of course. But the emotions are not who she is… what she means when she says ‘I’. How evolutionary is that! Most people can’t even separate their ‘I’ from their body, much less their thoughts and emotions.

Personally, as a researcher in consciousness, I can’t wait to find out if Peter Docter knew what he was doing as he was doing it, or was simply the critical instrument through which humanity advanced to its next level of development. Either way, it’s an awesome responsibility.

The clue will be whether, at some point in the movie, Riley can tell that her emotions are separate from her and not who she is. Do they control her or can she learn to control them?   We will know that, of course, watching the film from the comfort of our plush stadium seating. But will she? Did Peter Docter? Truthfully, I’m not sure it matters.

The bottom line is that suddenly, Inside and Outside will become buzzwords. Whether they are consciously aware of it or not, people will be open to talking about mind… what is where… which is real… if these are inside me… what is outside me… where and who am “I”?

Inside … Outside… The new consciousness… Time to see things ‘I’ to ‘I’.

I’ll post again after seeing the preview.


It’s the start of a new year, always a good time to get back into something you have been avoiding with all kinds of made up excuses. For me, that thing is blogging. So when a couple of seemingly unrelated events created an “aha” moment just as 2012 was up and running, well there was no escaping the synchronicity . It’s time to get back on The Road to Higher Consciousness.

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Since this series of disasters began, we have been hearing from all manner of scientists and engineers explaining why the earth broke apart, why the water worked the way it did, and why the nuclear power plants didn’t work the way they were intended.  We have also heard from politicians trying to calm the masses, newscasters looking for human interest stories, and economists looking into their crystal ball to predict how this will all affect our financial future.  But the most disturbing and off-the-wall commentators were those self proclaimed prophets and conservative spokespersons who claimed that this disaster was nothing less than God’s revenge on mankind for disobeying Him. Yes, Virginia, there are idiots!

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Sometimes it’s hard to keep on the right path… to keep your convictions in the face of seemingly overwhelming obstacles, to keep your faith in a world that seems to be getting crazier every day, to keep your resolutions when it’s so much easier to just say “the hell with it all”.   But, I guess, if all we ever did was what was easier, we’d end up doing nothing but sitting on the couch all day, watching TV, and eating potato chips.

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Nine years ago today a handful of terrorists hijacked several airplanes and launched an attack that stopped the world in its tracks. The after effects of that attack have changed life in America beyond what anyone could have believed possible.

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