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Who We Are What We Are

Okay. ¬†Here’s what I’ve decided on… at least for now. ¬†I will do the New Tao project… a series of short and pithy commentaries on New Consciousness. ¬†And I’ll use these blog posts as a way and a place to write them. ¬†We both benefit. ¬†I am forced to have some discipline. ¬†You don’t have to keep reading my frustration about trying to figure what to do next and how to do it. ¬†Let’s see how long this lasts. Can ¬†I make it to 81?


What name do you use?

God… Universal Consciousness…The One… The Self… The Void… All That Is… The Tao… Satchitananda… Allah… Jahweh… The Big Kahuna… The Cosmic Muffin… The Jewel of Truth… or Grand Unification Theory.

Whatever name you use is not the right name. It simply tends to separate you from people who call it something else.



It’s Sunday. Screw it. ¬†No need to solve all the problems of the universe today. ¬†Just brunch, read the paper, catch a ballgame on ¬†tv, then go to a show we’ve been given tickets to, grab some dinner, and come home and catch up on the Scrabble. ¬†I’ll worry about doing something of value tomorrow.


Yes. ¬†That seemed to work. ¬†Yesterday I put down three pages of a book. ¬†Let’s try it again.

Nope. ¬†Didn’t happen.



It’s absolutely amazing that here I am at 75 years old still thinking that my most important contribution still lies ahead of me. ¬†Is it chutzpah or ego or narcissism, or is it a rational analysis of the skills I have been endowed with combined with the insights I have been allowed to experience and the recognition that if the rest of humanity knew this stuff it wouldn’t still be going around killing itself. ¬†We’ll just have to wait and see. ¬†As long as I’m happy doing what I’m doing, I can’t be on the wrong path.


No. ¬†That’s not going to work. ¬†Amazing how one day something feels so right and the next day it’s not. ¬†Back to the drawing board.


The word came in today. ¬†I got a job… me…¬† David Silverman… retired,¬†married, overweight, pot smoking, writer. ¬†I’ve been asked… get this… to publish¬†my own autobiography. How cool is that! I was in the kitchen frying¬†bacon¬†when it came to me. ¬†And while the size of the project initially scared me, I realized I can do it like ag said he did with his¬†PhD. ¬†Take what you’ve already done… put it in proper order… and simply connect what you’ve got. He said it took him only three months to write his dissertation, which I suppose is pretty good for a dissertation, especially his kind of stuff. ¬†Me… I’ve got fifty plus¬†years of writings just itching¬†to fit together.¬†¬†Should be a snap.

So I figure I could use these posts as entries. ¬†Like the one above. ¬†How’s that for a first paragraph for the novel? ¬†Did it grab you? ¬† Make you want to read the next one?

Here’s the next couple.

Before we start… which is stupid to say since we’ve obviously begun… I need to bring you onboard as quickly as possible and introduce you to a couple of very important players. ¬†First, and always first is Shelley. ¬† We’ve been married for almost 53 years and I proposed to her on the second date. ¬†Monika, one of our yoga teachers, actually called us “the love birds” in class. She didn’t see us last night, however, arguing over how much baseball I’m ‘allowed’ to watch. We’ve never considered divorce. ¬†It’s always been murder or nothing.

Then there’s ag. ¬†He’s part of this blog. ¬†We’ve never met even though we’ve been intimately involved in our writings for the past number of years. ¬†Here’s what I wrote about him back in 2009.

And then I’lll put in a link to an introduction to ag.

Finally, of course, there’s The Elder.

And I’ll introduce ‘se’. ¬†But that’s tomorrow as far as you’re concerned..





It’s 2am in the morning. ¬†I can’t sleep. ¬†This is the earliest I have yet to enter a daily post. ¬†Perhaps I am up because I spent the day doing the writing and editing I blogged about yesterday and my mind is still so active. ¬†Here’s how it starts:

Welcome through the doorway into New Consciousness… the newly evolving way of understanding yourself and what it means when you say… I.

New Consciousness is really quite simple. We all feel ‚ÄúI AM‚ÄĚ at our very core. It is how we refer to ourselves and is our deepest innermost reality. Whatever adjectives we use to define our uniqueness, when we say ‚ÄúI am‚Ķ‚ÄĚ that‚Äôs who I really am. And it feels the same for each of us‚Ķ every single seemingly separate one of us. ‚ÄúI AM‚ÄĚ is who ‚ÄúI AM‚ÄĚ.

New Consciousness is not simply a subject for arms-length discussion… something to learn about from a distance. It is a way to know and experience oneself… more verb than noun. It is a way to be that puts a new dimension on what it means to be human. And not surprisingly, it is compatible with both science and religion.

I’ve got to try to get some sleep.


Okay. ¬†I’ve been avoiding this for a while. ¬†It’s time to get it done.

Several posts ago I commented that I was going to use the¬†Rovingi.net link as the Rabbit Hole to being people into the New Consciousness, at which point there would be a single page for them to read that would lead to the Textbook and the other writings. ¬†At the moment, there are three different essays on my desktop that I’ve written that start “Welcome to New Consciousness”. ¬†Then all three go off in different directions any one of which would work. ¬†I’ve got to choose which to use. ¬†The problem is that as I read them one at a time, they each work. So which one is better than the others. Does it matter? Will it make a difference? We’ll never know. ¬†We will know, however, if I don’t do anything.


It’s a beautiful relaxing day. ¬†I have done nothing since getting up¬†but eat, read the Sunday paper, and watch baseball on TV. May all people experience such peaceful, calm, enjoyable days. ¬†Amen!


It’s my father’s birthday today. ¬†He would have been 107 had he hung around. ¬†He taught me about anger… how to be angry… how to explode at a moment’s notice… how to ratchet things up to a ridiculously high level really fast. ¬†And I learned his teachings and at least for the first part of my life was very good at making anger a major part of who I was. ¬†My wife would say I’m still good at it, but I know that I’m not. ¬†I know what it feels like to let go and have nothing else as important as venting the rage within. ¬†And I know what it feels like to put on ¬†the reins, and even if a little bit of anger escapes, to keep the demon in check. ¬†I have definitely made progress. ¬†However, it may take another lifetime or two to get rid of it completely. ¬†Happy birthday, dad.


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