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Who We Are What We Are

Bright, sunny, and warm.  What  beautiful day.  Just what you would not expect in an El Nino year. Heading downstairs to a Super Bowl party.  Be back later.

Okay. Game is over.  Not the most exciting game, partially because the defenses were so good that there were very few really exciting plays.  However, the friends and the chips and the guac and the beer were just fine and since I really didn’t care who won, it was just as well.  Of course, the huge effect this had on the Bay Area over the past several weeks, including the Super Bowl City and display areas and the news coverage and all the security forces around the city carrying assault rifles and riding in armored cars is something else and a sad commentary on the state of our world today.

I’m tired.  Don’t feel like getting into anything deep now.  Back to the real world tomorrow.


This is interesting.  Really interesting…

Just talked to an old friend of mine.  I mean a really old friend, from junior high days.  He’s a psychologist and when he heard about my phenomenology/quantum physics paper he said he’d like to read it.  That was unplanned when I called him, but there you are… one more professional reader and a small entry of my work into the outer world.

Going out to dinner with some other old friends.  They live in building #1 out of 5 on Esplanade in Pacifica, on the cliff directly facing the Pacific Ocean.  Last year, the shore was eaten away and buildings #5 and #4 fell into the ocean.  Building #3 is just about to meet the same fate.  If these El Nino rains keep up, #2 won’t be far behind.   Building #1 still has about 30′ of cliff remaining.  We are going out to a restaurant.

A lot more going on as well.  Got my flyers done for the talk and workshop on April 10th.  Yes, I know, it’s way ahead of time, but that’s one less thing I need to have on my list to get done.  Oh, and I’ve just passed the 10% mark on my daily posting commitment.  Come the end of the year, that won’t seem like much at all.



“I” have to admit, it’s fun watching what you humans do as you try to grow and evolve and fulfill your self determined destinies.  “I” mean just think about it.  It’s like it’s Halloween and you are wearing a costume and you go around trying to act like the character you’re dressed as.

Or let’s say it’s a play.. a Western … and you’re some character in the play.  The cowboy, the Indian, whatever.  And as you’re performing one night, you get into it soooooo much, that you decide this fellow you’re looking at has really ruined your life and  you really have to kill him. Not just pretend, like in the script, but really.  You got to off him.  And you do.  Right there on stage.  Bang!!!

In “my” mind, that’s going a little too far. And you’ll realize it too, as you come back down out of the character you’ve been playing and back into who you really are.  And that’s the same thing that happens every day with you humans.

You really think you are the characters you’re playing.  No.  N o.  No.   You are “I AM”.  Each and every one of “you”.  “You” are each in character… covered in adjectives that make “you” unique.   The problem is that “you” identify with the trappings of the character and think that is you.  You become I instead of “I” … say I am… not “I am”.

The goal “I” had visioned is to have all these characters work together, using their individual skills and abilities to make and create a perfect setting for the next level of evolution and development on Earth.   What do “I” get instead?  “Look out for #1” where #1 is me instead of “me”.

So that’s why it’s time to evolve.





It’s already afternoon and I have been out all day doing my hospice thing.  You know I do that, right? Go out and visit dying people and their families and try to make things as peaceful as possible for everyone.  It’s amazing how everyone says “thank you” and is appreciative of my coming, yet I swear, I always come home from these visits more energized than when I started.  Doing good feels good. But enough from me, I’m turning this blog over to the big “I”.

“I’m” back.  Thank you, David.  Okay. So here’s why you have to be at least as smart as your fingers. When things are working well, everything comes together as it should.  Like a plastic refrigerator bag. When it’s properly sealed, both side have what they want.

In other words, think what’s good for all parties if you really want to get what’s good for yourself.  If you don’t… humanity will destroy itself and the planet it lives on.  You will be gone, but “I’ll” be just fine.  There are many other living forms out there in the universe.  One of them is bound to get it right.


“I’m” back.  Not that “I’ve” actually ever been away, “I’ve” just been letting Silverman and his buddies do their thing for  couple of days.

So as “I” said earlier, humankind is about to change it’s way of viewing itself.  Instead of thinking that I am this body and this mind and these emotions and these possessions, you will finally realize that “I” am the only One that actually exists and you are merely small reflections of “me” as viewed through these bodies, minds, emotions, and possessions.  Will this make a difference in life on Earth? “I” sure hope so.

Let “me” give you the finger… for example.  What if there were eyes on the ends of the fingers and they looked at the thumb and said, “You stupid thumb… coming from a different direction and all. Take that… and that… and that.”  And they scraped at the thumb with their nails and scratched it and caused an infection and the infection went down the thumb into the wrist and back up the hand and infected the fingers, themselves.

Do you think the fingers would have hurt the thumb if they knew they were all connected and by hurting the thumb they would actually hurt themselves?  “I” think not.  Fingers aren’t that stupid.  “I” would hope humanity is not that stupid either.



Rise and shine, woodchuck chuckers… it’s Groundhog Day!  A perfect day to realize that it’s time to move on beyond the writing and get this philosophy out there.  Figure out how to spread the word.

Do I contact publishers… agents… organizations… foundations?  From down here it’s all up in the air. Don’t know which way to go… what should I be focusing on… how do I make it happen?   From up here on the other hand, “I” can easily make it happen.  “I” can make anything happen.  Of course, “I” use the individual I’s to do the dirty work.  But you already know that since you are one of the I’s.

It’s about ninety minutes since I wrote the last paragraph.  In that time… I emptied the dishwasher, cleaned the kitchen, and changed consciousness.  And from the new platform I realized I should forget publishers… agents… whatever for the next three months.  Focus on the connection that has already been made.  I have a lecture and workshop in April at the Fellowship.  The School has offered to help promote it.  Focus there.

What is the goal?  To teach the New Consciousness.  Well… I am doing just that.  Now, get enough people in the seats to make it reasonable to extend the gig.  To talk at the Fellowship once every month… to teach at the School.  I feel a focus. I feel a direction.  I feel great.  This is why I enter the New Consciousness.




It is now the 1st of February.  My commitment to post every day for a year has made it through the first month.  Woohoo!  I’d also like to remind the reader, especially those of you who may have come in the middle and not gone back to read the earlier posts, that one of the main goals of these postings is to see how many of the visions and goals set at the start of 2016 can actually come to fruition.  Can we take our inner visions and put them into the measurable physical world?

The main goal, of course, is to get the word out that when we say “I am…” we are speaking fact, and that anything we say to describe ourselves after that are just adjectives.   And if more people know it and believe it and live it, they’ll realize that we’re all connected and the world should be a more peaceful place, the way it was originally intended.

And, yes, the universe does not need me to get the word out, but, somebody’s got to and it’s what I want to do, so why not.  At the moment, there’s one talk and a workshop scheduled for April… I’ve written an article about consciousness and quantum physics that needs to be edited before sending out… and “I AM” is starting to write a textbook for the New Consciousness on this very blog site. Aside from that, it’s been a pretty slow day.



Just a moment ago I did a Reality Check.  Outside the windows the sky was blue.  Clear blue with puffy, floating, Simpson clouds.  Looking north I could see the roofs of The City, St. Ignatius Cathedral and USF up on the hill,  Mount Tamalpais over in Marin, and just the very top of the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was beautiful.

I am standing at the kitchen sink washing a big pot that had held the mushroom and barley soup from dinner two nights ago.  Other than that pot, almost ready to go into the drainboard to dry, the kitchen was clean and neat.  Even the counter.  Looking through into the open dining room I could see a clean and neat table ready for tonight’s meal… with a potted plant added for aesthetics.

I pictured the wreck the two rooms had been just an hour before and noted how much better they look now.  And how easy cleaning them had been.   Shelly was in the back room on the phone, and as of the moment, aside from the constant pain in the lower back that I have pretty much come to accept, I feel pretty good.  In fact,life in general is pretty good and as I went inside to my core and felt around I realized… I am happy. I, by the way, am 75 years old.

I headed back into the office to write more of the novel.  You’ll probably see some of it tomorrow.




“I” come to lead people to the next level of evolution.  It’s happened before.  Like when plants took over as being the most evolved beings on Earth from rocks and were able to turn and face the sun instead of just sitting there stoned.  That was a big one.  Or when animal mind turned into human mind and you could think about abstract thoughts instead of just ‘eat or be eaten’.  That was a big one, too.

Well, it’s happening again… time for humanity to evolve and move on to another level.  Dr. Seuss would have called it… On Beyond Human.  It won’t hurt. “I” Promise. “I” am simply changing the way you think about yourself and how you relate to “me”.

In a nutshell, you currently think that you are a unique, separate, stand-alone being and “I” am some omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent creature who created the universe and lives ‘out there’ somewhere.  In a sense, you are right.  You are a unique, separate, stand-alone being.  However, “I” not only did that universe creation thing and exist ‘out there’, I also live inside of each and every being that “I” created.  How could “I” be omni this, that, and the other thing, if that weren’t so? Think about that for a moment.

Prophets and seers and saints and gurus have known this for aeons.  Starting now, however, everyone will have that opportunity.  And if enough of you do, humanity will begin to recognize the we are all connected, and you will stop doing things that hurt each other, and you will work towards the greater good for all… which, of course, is the way “I” wanted it to be from the beginning.

If that happens… and remember, at this stage of evolution, every new level is voluntary… then humanity and Earth will thrive and move into new eras of prosperity and joy.  If not… if “Hooray for me… Screw you” remains humanity’s buzzword, then at some point the future will prove untenable and you’ll all disappear into a Black Hole.  That’s also happened before.  You’re not the first to reach this level.




Hey, I was going to build on the novel “I” started yesterday, but my daughter sent this email and I thought it was perfect for a post:

So I’m in the café buying my lunch.  It’s one of my favorites – a grilled vegetable Panini with fresh basil pesto and fresh mozzarella.  This was the inspiration for the spread I made on July 4th.  José always takes care of me.  As I walked up – without a single word – he pointed to the veggie sandwich, I nodded, and he proceeded to fill a separate cup with extra pesto for me.  This is just how I like it.  Beaming, I thanked him for being so good to me and explained how I’m a better chef now because of him… as I modeled my family picnic meal after his lunches.

I walked to the cashier (a very grumbly, pessimistic 19 year old), smiled and this is our conversation:

“Hi Karen,” I said

She smiled and said, “I don’t know how you do it.  You’re always so happy.”

Thinking about my recent and ongoing depressive state, I laughed and said, “Ha… you don’t know me that well.  You only see me here.  I have my moments.”

“We all do,” she said.  “But you always manage to smile and be so happy.”

“Well,” I said, “I guess it just helps to smile.  Even when things aren’t going so well… it can help.”

As I walked away, beaming from ear to ear… I briefly thought about my life, my finances, my love life, my current situation… and smiled even more.  Sometimes it just takes a grilled veggie sandwich to make one truly happy.


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