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Who We Are What We Are

What if, centuries from¬†now, historians think¬†of the coronavirus not as a pandemic that killed millions of people but¬†as¬†a purifier… the catalyst that finally brought humanity¬†together and got them to agree on global warming. ¬†¬† How cool would that be?

Think back to what we were reading about before Covid-19 grabbed all the headlines. ¬†Everyday, somewhere in the world, someone doing something absolutely horrifying to someone else‚Ķ blowing up a marketplace, shooting diners in a restaurant, driving into crowds of tourists, setting fire to villages.¬† And all for the stupidest of reasons‚Ķ the color of one‚Äôs skin, the language one speaks, the God one prays to.¬† And then the group behind the atrocity announces to the media that they are the ones that did it‚Ķ bragging about all the pain and suffering they have caused to fellow human beings. ‚ÄúHey, guys, it was us.¬† Aren‚Äôt we great?¬† We‚Äôre the ones you should be afraid of.‚Ä̬† Can you believe it?

But it’s more than that. ¬†Even before coronavirus, life for many was a touch and go affair. ¬† Earth‚Äôs resources are distributed so unequally as to be unimaginably cruel and unfair.¬† Some people have so much more than they need while others have so much less than the minimum needed for survival.¬† It is estimated that 1 in 9 people on Earth go to bed hungry every night, while almost 9 million people die of malnutrition every year.¬† How inhumane is that?

Inhumanity¬†spreading around the globe… like a pandemic.¬† Person against person, tribe against tribe, religion against religion, culture against culture, country against country, race against race. ¬†How long can we continue in this direction?¬† If we can‚Äôt get people to agree to stop randomly killing each other, how are we going to get them to agree on basic humanitarian efforts?

Just like the virus destroys the being on which it lives,¬†humans are¬†destroying the very planet on which we live.¬† Our oceans filled with plastic garbage, our air filled with toxic chemicals, nuclear waste buried beneath the soil, forests being destroyed, species going extinct, and the balanced ecology that has nurtured all life from the very beginning starting to shudder under rising temperatures. ¬† Global warming? ¬†We can’t even agree on that!

Well¬†how about¬† shutting down a worldwide pandemic that could kill tens of millions of people and destroy economic and social life as we know it for decades to come. ¬†It is becoming clear we must put aside our differences and focus on the¬†connections between us if we are to beat Covid-19. “Never before have I found a situation where how I behave so dramatically impacts your health and how you behave so dramatically impacts my health,” said¬†Dr. Sanjay Gupta, neurosurgeon and CNN medical advisor, on a recent The Late Show. ¬†¬†And he added. somewhat philosophically,¬†“We are co-dependent on each other in a way that I‚Äôve never seen before.¬† There is an obligation here.¬† If I don‚Äôt engage in these good behaviors for me, then I should do it for… the people around me.”

Yes. ¬†This is a moment in time¬†when humanity is¬†learning we are connected in the most invisible¬†and intimate of ways. ¬† Think…¬†not just for me… but for all of us. ¬†As presidential candidate¬†Bernie Sanders put it¬†during a televised debate… ‚ÄúIf there was ever a moment when the entire world is in this together, this is that moment.”

Let’s hope he is right, that not only are we in this together, but we know¬†we are in this together. ¬†It’s a lesson we have to learn if we want¬†the planet to survive. And a big step on the road to New Consciousness… the next step in human evolution.


It’s like an¬†episode of Star Trek. ¬†As the show opens, starship Enterprise has been taken over by an invisible energy field that is messing with¬†the main computer, warp drive and life support systems. ¬†It is also¬†making people sick, with one even¬†dying… a crew member¬†we’ve never seen before. ¬†The crew has an hour to use all their logic and science and experience of working together to figure out how to eliminate the alien and keep it from growing before it infects¬†them all and destroys the ship.

Sound familiar? ¬†That’s exactly where we’re at with the coronavirus. ¬† At the moment, our entire planet is¬†surrounded by a¬†cloud of living energy so subtle and unique, that without special tests we are not even able to know for sure that it’s there. ¬†We do know, however, it makes us sick, some more than others, some of us even die, especially older ones. ¬†It can live for days, in the air, on different surfaces and temperatures, and¬†has hooked onto our species¬†to¬†help it¬†spread around the planet.¬† If we don’t take action, it¬†will grow and infect us all.

Its impact has been incredible. ¬†Even for those of us fortunate enough not to have met Covid-19 in person, so much of what we used to think of as normal is no longer part of of our lives.¬† As of this moment,¬†around the world, millions of people are living under quarantine, both government and self-imposed. ¬†We are staying indoors, working from home if we can, losing income if we can’t, missing doctor‚Äôs appointments, avoiding contact… practicing ¬†social distancing… disinfecting… washing hands over and over like it’s a case of… life or death. ¬†Events have been called off, religious services cancelled, schools closed, travel affected, jobs lost, sports seasons curtailed, factories and businesses closed, not to mention store shelves running out of bare essentials like toilet paper.¬† Toilet paper?¬† Really?

How long will this go on?¬† Who knows. ¬†¬†We may have more than an hour to sort it all out, but we really have no time to spare. We don‚Äôt even know for sure¬†if the decisions we‚Äôre making will have the desired effect. What we do agree on is that…

‚ÄúI don‚Äôt want meet up with Covid-19 any closer than I already am. ¬†If I’m sick, I want to recover. ¬†If I’m not, then I don‚Äôt want to experience what happens next‚Ķ¬† one moment fine, and the next, coughing, fever, trouble breathing? ¬†Then what? ¬†Do I have it?¬† Now what do I do?¬† How did I get it? Will I give it to others? ¬†I‚Äôd want to know.¬† I‚Äôd want to be tested.¬† This is serious. ¬†It could be fatal.¬† I don‚Äôt want that‚ÄĚ.

What we are seeing is individuals of all social classes putting aside political, religious, economic, social, cultural, language, racial, and gender viewpoints to join in focus on this one threat to humanity.   Took some longer than others to get on board and not all contribute as much or as well.   However, everyone is now taking Covid-19 seriously, no-one is laughing it off.  Underneath our differences, we are in agreement on what we want to happen next.  This is truly an evolutionary moment.

As a result of coronavirus, we have learned that what we do to for our health can have a major effect not just on ourselves, but for everyone else on the planet.¬† Literally‚Ķ via our six degrees of separation‚Ķ everyone else!!! ¬† My actions can help keep the virus alive to infect another day, or help wind it down and minimize its impact. ¬† And, not surprising, what I do affects you just as what you do affects me. ¬† In the words of MSNBC commentator, Van Jones, ‚ÄúI am only going to be as healthy as you let me be.‚ÄĚ

So thanks to coronavirus, it appears we now¬†recognize that our actions¬†affect each other… that we are all connected. Humanity is finally¬†seeing ‚ÄėI‚Äô to ‚ÄėI‚Äô. ¬†Wow! ¬†Look how far we’ve come.

* * *


When you decide it’s time to reach out and meet the people and you suddenly find there’s a website ready and waiting for you to do exactly that…


That’s when you know the Universe is working just like it’s supposed to be. ¬† So here we go.

* * *

“I AM ” here. ¬†Yes, it’s me…. here… in here… inside the writer of these words and each and every one of you reading these words right now. ¬†“I AM” one and the same.¬†“I am that I am”, to quote Moses. ¬†“I yam that I yam”, to quote Popeye.¬†So¬†actually we should say inside each and every one of us reading these words since there is only one “I AM”…

…to be continued






Welcome to the New Year. ¬†The world is in crisis. ¬†Terrorism abounds. ¬†Racial hatred is more defined. ¬† Sexual tensions are high. ¬†The gap between the haves and the have-nots is increasing. ¬†Pollution is rampant. ¬†Natural disasters are¬†commonplace. ¬† Internet hacking¬†is just the way it is. ¬†Countries steal other countries’ elections, and we have an idiot for president. ¬†And yet, there is hope.


It is truly amazing. ¬†In just the half week since I decided to put some effort into getting my writings out there, I have placed an ad on Craigslist, gotten responses from around the world, corresponded with at least a dozen people who were interested in the job, narrowed down and prioritized what I need to have done, arranged for a meeting with a programmer, hired a graphic designer, done some editing, and blogged twice [counting this one]. ¬†And that’s not counting a yoga class, a Sanskrit consciousness class, and swimming a 1/2 mile. ¬†I’ve also slept pretty well at the end of the day.

What I choose to do produces the results. ¬†That’s why I know that human evolution is voluntary, because we can choose to accept¬†New Consciousness or not, which will determine whether we survive as a species or not. ¬†Our choice. ¬†We will face the results of our actions in either event. ¬†Good luck!


I can’t believe that it’s been five months since my last post. ¬†Where was I? ¬†What was I doing? ¬†Why wasn’t I doing this? ¬†No answer. ¬†I was just hanging back and enjoying life. ¬†And that is the purpose of life after all, right? ¬†I guess you could call it laziness if you wanted to.

In my own defense, I’m often torn between feeling that the Oneness certainly doesn’t need me for¬†the future of humanity to evolve as it should¬†… and on the other hand… feeling that all these insights I have been given over my lifetime cannot be for this one little piece of meat alone. ¬†So… if not me, who? ¬†If not now, when?

Ergo, yesterday I posted an ad on Craigslist for a Website and Social Media Genius. ¬†So, if you have responded to my ad and been referred to this site… welcome. ¬† Know that I believe that the ‘I am’¬†¬†that you feel inside you and the ‘I am’ that I feel inside me is really the same “I AM”. There really is a¬†primal universal Oneness that we each experience through our own unique filters and adjectives.

And when enough of us know this, it will be an evolutionary step as big as when human¬†mind evolved out of animal mind,¬†it should lead us into a world of perpetual peace and universal understanding, and religion and science will actually agree on something… [although they might not agree on what to call It].

And that, my friend, is the message I want to spread.  Feel free to check out the site.  Are you still with me?


“New Consciousness – the evolutionary phenomenological awareness that individual ‘I’ consciousness is the primal Universal Oneness experienced through unique filters and adjectives.”

That’s what I just wrote on a neurological test study form that asked if I meditate and if so, what kind of meditation do I do. ¬†It took me a while to come up with that, trying to make it clear, trying to keep it short, changing and editing as I went, but, you know, big words aside, that might not be a bad little 10 second elevator pitch for what it’s all about. ¬†Ever better.


I can’t remember when congressional hearings were such¬†fodder for gatherings at the local tavern… but these days they are. ¬†Drink in hand, we take off from work and sit on the edge of our pub seats, not hoping to see¬†our team to win the championship, but waiting to hear how the current official¬†on the hot seat will deflect the senator’s questions.¬†And we watch the late night talk shows and groan at the embarrassing but all too true jokes made about those who run our government. ¬†Other than Watergate, at least in my memory, never has the craziness in Washington grabbed the attention of the masses like it has since #IdiotTrump has become president. ¬†Wish us luck.


Who would have thunk it, but today I turn 77. ¬†This little piece of meat, this combination of loving thoughts and snarky comments, this fabulous machine that can take all kinds of¬†inputs from Trader Joe’s and turn them into usable fertilizer, this musician, writer, husband, father, grandfather, yogi, chaplain, Scrabble player, cribbage player, and baseball fan is another year older. ¬†Who would have thunk it?

Will there¬†be any difference? ¬†Will I be nicer, or kinder, or more worthy of taking up space on the planet? ¬†This time next year, if I make it that far, will someone somewhere be grateful that I did? That’s hard to say. ¬†I do know that I will continue living according to my three rules of life and we’ll just have to see where it comes out. ¬†1. Be Happy. ¬†2. Be Kind. ¬†3. That’s It. ¬†How bad can that be?


I just signed an online petition, along with at least a half a million other people, that says¬†“We, the undersigned people of the United States of America, commit to mitigating climate change and sign onto the Paris climate change agreement. ” ¬†See… #IdiotTrump is bringing us all together, just like he is supposed to do. ¬† [I’ve included the link below in case you want to sign it, too.]



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