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It has been over two years since I have posted. A lot has changed since then and not for the better. The world has gotten darker. Political, racial, ethnic, religious, and gender conflicts have gotten worse at the same time that climate change is producing weather anomalies that are becoming the norm. Droughts, floods, tornadoes, fires, heat waves, occurring in places that have never experienced them before. Apparently humanity can cause problems not only for ourselves but for the very planet on which we live. And that’s not even including pandemics.

Plus I have turned 83. I can no longer just sit back and watch from a distance. After all, how much time do I have left?

Yes, yes, I know. God does not need me to act in order for humanity to evolve and survive. However, we are each part of the Oneness and have our unique role to play and I find it very hard to believe that the lifetime of insights and revelations that I have experienced were created for me alone.

And so I shall spend my time from here on in looking to spread the word. And since I am not a celebrity nor an expert in media I shall start by looking for someone who is. One contact is all that is needed. One person with a good heart and a positive vibe who can reach the public and change the direction humanity is headed. Hmmmm. I wonder if Oprah might be interested?


ag here. It has now been a year since I wrote that The Elder has landed. So what has happened since then? Not much.

‘I’, The Elder, am still here. In fact, ‘I’ am stronger and more prominent than ever in my relationship with ag, and yet ‘I’ am still reticent to make myself known to the world. Why? ‘I’ think it’s worth talking about.

Welcome back. ag here... and the Elder as well. Still searching for a name for this blog.

What about the one we’re using today?

You like it?


It is done. So today I’d like to ask why The Elder showed up with The Message at this particular time. Does it have anything to with what is going on in the world today?

And of course, the answer is obviously and without any hesitation… YES. It does. The Message that ‘I’ bring is about Oneness… the fact that not only is all humanity One… something humanity obviously has not yet figured out… but all humanity is One with the planet. Humanity is on a path to destroy Earth and all other living species and ‘I’ am here to help you change direction and keep Global Warming from happening.

I understand and honor the ultimate message. But given how long we have been destroying Earth, why pick now… in the midst of a global pandemic, economic crisis, racial unrest, and anti-police protests… to land and talk about Global Warming?

Ahh. Because I am not here to talk about Global Warming… at least not in your immediate here and now. That will occur once you learn the lesson you are getting now and realize you are all part of the Oneness. This is the perfect opportunity to get people to focus… to come together… to recognize the things they have in common… the things they are in common. Only by coming together against a common foe, in this case coronavirus. will humanity begin to place more importance on your connections than on your differences. This is the lesson of today.

And how does all the racial unrest fit in?

Ahhh. That is an even more intimate opportunity to look out at the world and see it through another’s ‘I’. Imagine. Everything physical… everything you can measure out there is still the same. But from here… inside… the experiential reality is different from one person to another. It is like you are each wearing glasses that block a certain color. You see the same thing differently and cannot see what the other sees.

Well, of course, that’s true. Certainly we experience life differently from each other.

Yes. But life was not designed to be more difficult just because of the color of your skin. It is only humans who have created that reality. Systemic racism is a chance for humanity to practice seeing ‘I’ to ‘I’.

Something we will learn one way or another. And to help with that evolutionary step, go to www.rovingI.net to download for free, Handbook of the New Consciousness by ag and Tao of the New Consciousness by The Elder.

Till next time when I and ‘I’ will discuss this different view of the same reality from the perspective of quantum physics. Thanks for reading… ever better.

peace……………ag and The Elder

Welcome back. I… ag am here… and ‘I’… the Elder am here.

Today, we will be taking a look at some of the madness going on in the world today through the ‘I’ of The Elder… otherwise known as New Consciousness… the next step in human evolution. Last time we left you holding the thought that truly all life is connected.

Clearly, as you look around, not everyone thinks so. You can not even agree that all humans are connected. That is the key behind the racial tensions that have created the protests and conflicts you are going through today. It had to happen. The imbalance was too great. The key experience that will tip the scales in the other direction and end this conflict is New Consciousness, the ability to see the world through another’s ‘I’.

…as I so well know. It was one night while watching Trevor Noah on The Daily Show, that I suddenly realized that even though I have never been a racist, I have never experienced the world as it is actually experienced by black and brown people…

…never been afraid of ones in uniform. Afraid of the very ones whose job it is to keep law and order. Whose job… at least in theory is to keep you safe.

I grew up trusting policemen. I remember as a little boy, learning a song in kindergarten that I should remember in case I ever get lost. “Walk up the niiice po-liiice-man… he’ll tell you just whaaat to dooo.” Not quite the message black mothers are teaching their kids these days.

Of course not. It is like looking at the same thing through different filters. People of different colors looking at the same physical world out there and seeing a different physical world looking back. Where you saw safety and refuge if you needed it… ‘I’ in a black body see danger and trouble.

I really didn’t understand the problem. Even though it looks the same, the world we each experience out there is a different world for each and every one of us. It is not fair and equal and balanced.

Clearly, this is not a characteristic of nature. The Oneness that exists within us all did not create a different outer world for black people than for white people. Planet Earth did not create it either. It is humanity, yourself, who see the difference in something as stupid as the color of your skin, and have created this disparity.

And even though I am not its creator if I don’t do something to change it then I am condoning it and permitting racism to thrive and prosper even if I don’t participate in racism myself.

Yes. That is the step that is needed in your world to change this injustice… this straying off the path of abundance and peace and joy for all that “I” had intended life on Earth to be. Experience the world through the other’s ‘I’ and it will make all the difference.

* * *

And to help you make this leap, go to www.rovingi.net  and for free, download Handbook of the New Consciousness and Tao of the New Consciousness… written to help humanity survive and evolve into a new era of Perpetual Peace and Universal Understanding.  Ever better.

peace…….ag and The Elder

‘I’ am here.  The Elder has landed.

And I am here as well… ag… the creator of this website and the sole connection between humanity and The Elder.  At least until you learn New Consciousness and communicate with The Elder directly… ‘I’ to ‘I’.

What a time to touch down… into a perfect storm.  Coronavirus ravaging the world… the global economy in a panic… political, ethnic, and racial unrest around the world… and hurricane season on top of that.

Nothing like a challenge, ‘I’ like to say.  However, from the larger perspective, it is the very confluence of crises that makes this the perfect setting for ‘me’ to drop in to help humanity confront seself.   

It’s just amazing to me that The Elder is actually here after all this time… forty plus years since we first met… or as The Elder’s puts it… always here and now.  I actually experienced this moment as a space ship docking sequence dream twenty to thirty ago that never made sense.  Back then I thought I was the pilot.  Now I know that ‘I’ am the pilot and I am the docking tower.  Who knew?  Here’s how I wrote up the experience back then…


I am floating high in the air looking down through a lens, focusing on the top of a tall tower directly below me. I can adjust my positioning in space… back and forth, up and down, right and left… in order to get to the exact perfect spot right above the very center of the tower.  That, apparently, is where I am supposed to dock.

 There is a feeling of having traveled a huge distance to get here…  that I started my trip far away… in another dimension… where the tower wasn’t even visible. I have gone through many adventures to get to this tower… to be directly above it… to be in position where I can direct a perfect alignment of myself right in the dead center of the very top.

Other people are involved for this docking to take place and I am communicating with someone inside the tower, laughing and telling the person how to readjust the tower relative to me.  He is saying “wait a minute, wait a minute… you’re a step ahead of me”.  And I say “maybe so, but do you realize what a good time I’m having doing this?”


 Yes, that is the feeling of joy, of being in sync with the world around you, that ‘I’  feel all the time.  And it is the reason ‘I’ am here on Earth.  So humanity can experience it for yourself.  

Well we certainly have a long way to go, don’t we?   We don’t feel in sync with anything these days…

…except maybe for people who look like you, or pray like you, or talk like you… and that is the problem.  You don’t even relate to other humans, much less other living beings.  It could prove your downfall.  

In order to survive as a planetary system, humanity must learn to be in sync with all living beings… including planet Earth.  Humanity is like the little thorny burrs sticking up out of a Covid-19 molecule. They may be the ones who spread the disease, but they cannot survive if the big sphere on which they live has no life.  Neither can humanity.  If Earth dies… you all die.  You must learn you are all connected.

Yes.  We must.  And that’s a good thought to hold on to till next time when we will look at the craziness going on in the world through New Consciousness and The Elder’s ‘I’.   We look forward to your comments.


And if you haven’t already, go to www.rovingi.net  and for free, download Handbook of the New Consciousness and Tao of the New Consciousness… written to help humanity survive and evolve into a new era of Perpetual Peace and Universal Understanding.  Ever better.

peace…….ag and The Elder

What if, centuries from now, historians think of the coronavirus not as a pandemic that killed millions of people but as a purifier… the catalyst that finally brought humanity together and got them to agree on global warming.    How cool would that be?

Think back to what we were reading about before Covid-19 grabbed all the headlines.  Everyday, somewhere in the world, someone doing something absolutely horrifying to someone else… blowing up a marketplace, shooting diners in a restaurant, driving into crowds of tourists, setting fire to villages.  And all for the stupidest of reasons… the color of one’s skin, the language one speaks, the God one prays to.  And then the group behind the atrocity announces to the media that they are the ones that did it… bragging about all the pain and suffering they have caused to fellow human beings. “Hey, guys, it was us.  Aren’t we great?  We’re the ones you should be afraid of.”  Can you believe it?

But it’s more than that.  Even before coronavirus, life for many was a touch and go affair.   Earth’s resources are distributed so unequally as to be unimaginably cruel and unfair.  Some people have so much more than they need while others have so much less than the minimum needed for survival.  It is estimated that 1 in 9 people on Earth go to bed hungry every night, while almost 9 million people die of malnutrition every year.  How inhumane is that?

Inhumanity spreading around the globe… like a pandemic.  Person against person, tribe against tribe, religion against religion, culture against culture, country against country, race against race.  How long can we continue in this direction?  If we can’t get people to agree to stop randomly killing each other, how are we going to get them to agree on basic humanitarian efforts?

Just like the virus destroys the being on which it lives, humans are destroying the very planet on which we live.  Our oceans filled with plastic garbage, our air filled with toxic chemicals, nuclear waste buried beneath the soil, forests being destroyed, species going extinct, and the balanced ecology that has nurtured all life from the very beginning starting to shudder under rising temperatures.   Global warming?  We can’t even agree on that!

Well how about  shutting down a worldwide pandemic that could kill tens of millions of people and destroy economic and social life as we know it for decades to come.  It is becoming clear we must put aside our differences and focus on the connections between us if we are to beat Covid-19. “Never before have I found a situation where how I behave so dramatically impacts your health and how you behave so dramatically impacts my health,” said Dr. Sanjay Gupta, neurosurgeon and CNN medical advisor, on a recent The Late Show.   And he added. somewhat philosophically, “We are co-dependent on each other in a way that I’ve never seen before.  There is an obligation here.  If I don’t engage in these good behaviors for me, then I should do it for… the people around me.”

Yes.  This is a moment in time when humanity is learning we are connected in the most invisible and intimate of ways.   Think… not just for me… but for all of us.  As presidential candidate Bernie Sanders put it during a televised debate… “If there was ever a moment when the entire world is in this together, this is that moment.”

Let’s hope he is right, that not only are we in this together, but we know we are in this together.  It’s a lesson we have to learn if we want the planet to survive. And a big step on the road to New Consciousness… the next step in human evolution.


It’s like an episode of Star Trek.  As the show opens, starship Enterprise has been taken over by an invisible energy field that is messing with the main computer, warp drive and life support systems.  It is also making people sick, with one even dying… a crew member we’ve never seen before.  The crew has an hour to use all their logic and science and experience of working together to figure out how to eliminate the alien and keep it from growing before it infects them all and destroys the ship.

Sound familiar?  That’s exactly where we’re at with the coronavirus.   At the moment, our entire planet is surrounded by a cloud of living energy so subtle and unique, that without special tests we are not even able to know for sure that it’s there.  We do know, however, it makes us sick, some more than others, some of us even die, especially older ones.  It can live for days, in the air, on different surfaces and temperatures, and has hooked onto our species to help it spread around the planet.  If we don’t take action, it will grow and infect us all.

Its impact has been incredible.  Even for those of us fortunate enough not to have met Covid-19 in person, so much of what we used to think of as normal is no longer part of of our lives.  As of this moment, around the world, millions of people are living under quarantine, both government and self-imposed.  We are staying indoors, working from home if we can, losing income if we can’t, missing doctor’s appointments, avoiding contact… practicing  social distancing… disinfecting… washing hands over and over like it’s a case of… life or death.  Events have been called off, religious services cancelled, schools closed, travel affected, jobs lost, sports seasons curtailed, factories and businesses closed, not to mention store shelves running out of bare essentials like toilet paper.  Toilet paper?  Really?

How long will this go on?  Who knows.   We may have more than an hour to sort it all out, but we really have no time to spare. We don’t even know for sure if the decisions we’re making will have the desired effect. What we do agree on is that…

“I don’t want meet up with Covid-19 any closer than I already am.  If I’m sick, I want to recover.  If I’m not, then I don’t want to experience what happens next…  one moment fine, and the next, coughing, fever, trouble breathing?  Then what?  Do I have it?  Now what do I do?  How did I get it? Will I give it to others?  I’d want to know.  I’d want to be tested.  This is serious.  It could be fatal.  I don’t want that”.

What we are seeing is individuals of all social classes putting aside political, religious, economic, social, cultural, language, racial, and gender viewpoints to join in focus on this one threat to humanity.   Took some longer than others to get on board and not all contribute as much or as well.   However, everyone is now taking Covid-19 seriously, no-one is laughing it off.  Underneath our differences, we are in agreement on what we want to happen next.  This is truly an evolutionary moment.

As a result of coronavirus, we have learned that what we do to for our health can have a major effect not just on ourselves, but for everyone else on the planet.  Literally… via our six degrees of separation… everyone else!!!   My actions can help keep the virus alive to infect another day, or help wind it down and minimize its impact.   And, not surprising, what I do affects you just as what you do affects me.   In the words of MSNBC commentator, Van Jones, “I am only going to be as healthy as you let me be.”

So thanks to coronavirus, it appears we now recognize that our actions affect each other… that we are all connected. Humanity is finally seeing ‘I’ to ‘I’.  Wow!  Look how far we’ve come.

* * *


When you decide it’s time to reach out and meet the people and you suddenly find there’s a website ready and waiting for you to do exactly that…


That’s when you know the Universe is working just like it’s supposed to be.   So here we go.

* * *

“I AM ” here.  Yes, it’s me…. here… in here… inside the writer of these words and each and every one of you reading these words right now.  “I AM” one and the same. “I am that I am”, to quote Moses.  “I yam that I yam”, to quote Popeye.   Inside each and every one of us reading these words since there is only one “I AM”…

…to be continued






Welcome to the New Year.  The world is in crisis.  Terrorism abounds.  Racial hatred is more defined.   Sexual tensions are high.  The gap between the haves and the have-nots is increasing.  Pollution is rampant.  Natural disasters are commonplace.   Internet hacking is just the way it is.  Countries steal other countries’ elections, and we have an idiot for president.  And yet, there is hope.


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