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I want to share my experiments with you… my experiments in consciousness. In one sense this should be no more difficult than the task faced by any researcher who has studied a subject and wishes to offer the objective results of that study to those fellow scientists who are interested. All I need do is to explain my methods, allow you to duplicate them in your laboratory, and let you come to your own conclusions.

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Just over three hundred and fifty years ago René Descartes looked around at his world and realized there was a lot that did not make sense, especially when he applied his method of experience, reason, and logic to the prevailing view of the day. Contrary to that view, which called for blind and unquestioning faith in the dictums of those in authority…

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Human consciousness is currently going through a major evolution.  In the same way that our mind evolved out of pre-human mind so long, long ago, adding new and undreamed of capabilities to animal mind, a new mode of awareness seems to be generating from within our current experiential human state.  When it takes hold, it, too, will bestow on us a similar type of qualitative change. 

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There is certainly no question that Swine Flu, Mexico’s latest and most virulent export, has brought the world together, if only in making certain that we all stay separated.  While reactions around the globe have varied…

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Call me a goody-goody, but personally, I don’t like it when people do nasty things to other people… like shooting them or blowing them up or burning their houses or any number of other things that can only be categorized as being very mean and anti-social.  Yes, there are times when the invaders march in over the hills… 

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Economic pundits are amazing.  They have the answer to everything.  The day after the stock market rises over 100 points they will recount in precise detail the logic behind the day’s upswing and tell you the exact reason why the market was so optimistic.  And the day after that, when the market goes down that same 100 points plus… 

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In the last post we discussed the proposition that GREED was the underlying cause of the current world economic recession.  Not that the planet doesn’t providing enough goods and services to satisfy the needs of its population, that’s not what caused this crisis. 

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Personal greed has not always been the driving force behind human self interest.  There was a time, long before the modern era, long before Capitalism and the rise of Hominum Economicus when individuals knew that they couldn’t make it out there on their own.   

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It always strikes me as funny in a “black humor” sort of way that it is the people who most loudly and most prominently shout the Lord’s name who act so overtly against the Lord’s word.  Take war, for example.  

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Every technological advancement, however innocent it may appear at first and benign it may seem to the masses, has its evil underbelly that festers behind the scenes.  And though I’d be hard pressed to find anyone under the age of thirty who agrees with me… 

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