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The Road To Higher Consciousness is a forum for discussing and examining the evolution and impact of human mind and awareness in a way that makes sense to the devout believer, the dogmatic atheist, and everyone in between. Going behind words that separate us, words like science, theology, God, intellect, and intuition, we will reflect on daily life in the world of the 21st century while attempting to touch and portray the immediate, immanent, shared experience that truly makes us One, no matter what we want to call it.

Hopefully, along the way, we will discover that consciousness is a concept more verb than noun, binding together the seemingly disparate views of science and religion, in all its variations, into another dimension of what it means to be human, what it truly means when we refer to ourselves and say, “I”.

For deeper insights into the background and concept of evolving human consciousness, along with games and exercises designed to allow one to explore the boundaries of mind and experience higher consciousness for oneself, go to <http://gamesofconsciousness.com>.


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