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Who We Are What We Are

Last night at our New Year’s Eve party, I was told to challenge myself this coming year… to do something scary… outside my comfort zone. “That’s how we grow”, se said. I nodded. I’ve heard it before. Right at eye level, on the wall next to my computer, is a quote I put there that […]

Went to yoga this morning. “Happy New Year” to everyone and a series of backbends. “I don’t practice for now”, I’ve been telling people for at least ten years, “I do it for ten years from now”. I know my grandparents never did yoga when they were this age. They never ever went to the […]

Slept later. Took out the trash. Brought in the Sunday paper. Grabbed a cup of coffee. Sat back on the sofa. Turned on the TV. Heard the noise of the crowd and the drone of the announcers and turned off the sound. The day’s pattern is set. I thought about this post… this New Consciousness […]

Off to the gym to swim 1/2 a mile. There will come a day when I no longer do this. Today is not that day. Will drop off clothes at Goodwill on the way back. Then back home to contact the school magazine to get some publicity on the April workshop and work on the […]

Flash!!! So this is how we’ll do this. ¬†fyi¬† I came up with this while cleaning out the dishwasher this morning after yoga. ¬†I love these things. ¬†These sudden “knowings” that hit you I’ve decided to start each day with this post sitting open on my screen. ¬†Blank! ¬† ¬†Then I’ll get on with my […]

Today I’m going to work on the article relating consciousness to quantum physics… working title Shredding the Event Horizon: Quantum Physics Finally Sees the Light. Hmmmm.¬†That does sound a little snarky, doesn’t it. ¬†Let’s drop the ‘Finally’. ¬† There. ¬†Better. And I’ve got to continue cleaning the computer desktop so I actually know what it […]

So today was chaplain day. ¬†Stopped off at the office and then drove around to see¬†six different hospice patients and their families. ¬†Prayed with some, meditated with some, talked¬†philosophy with others. Told them all to follow any bright lights they might see in their dreams. Last night, skyped¬†with Tom out in Bangkok. ¬†He’s the techie […]

Slept late… made ham and egg mcmuffin with melted bleu cheese… yummer. ¬†Set up some folders on desktop to hold ideas and articles defined¬†by how far along they are. ¬†Saw how many of the ‘raw’ ideas were poems or could easily be turned into poems. ¬†Decided to put together book of poetry and do it […]

Had yoga this morning… but you know that… assuming you read yesterday’s post. ¬†You should really read these posts in order, by the way, if you want to get what’s happening. ¬†I don’t mean you have to read them every day. ¬†Certainly not. ¬†Only when you want to. ¬† However in order is good. I […]

Officiated this afternoon at a memorial service for a woman who had been a patient for almost a year. It’s really amazing, ¬†meeting someone at the end of their lives. ¬†You can get to know them as they are, but you never really get to know them as they were. ¬†As different friends and family […]

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