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I have just sent out emails to the founders of IDEO, a major design firm whom I would love to work with in getting New Consciousness out into the world.  Let the marketing begin.  Oh, and I purposely didn’t post the first days of the year just so I didn’t feel I’d have to do […]

Human beings share something very important. Every one of us feels that we exist… that some very personal being we call ‘I’ is inside us, however we define that ‘I’, or what it looks like from the outside. And though the individual attributes surrounding each ‘I’ are different for each of us, the feeling of […]

Okay.  It’s happened.  Our nation’s power has been transferred to a billionaire narcissist who says one thing, then says another, denies saying the first thing, and accuses the media of making up what he said in the first place.  How sad!  But life goes on… maybe not as smoothly as before, maybe not as peacefully […]

It’s a new word… a new concept… a new day for our country and the world.  Lies no longer exist. Only #alternative facts. Where does it go from here? peace………………ag

I’m seventy-six years old and I’ve never seen things like this.  Our country is divided right down the middle and we are spreading our blight into the entire world, faster than you can say Trump.  A shooter in Canada of all places, the civilized country we would all move to just to get some some sanity if […]

A judge disagrees with your decrees… he’s suddenly a ‘so-called’ judge.  A reporter writes down what you actually said… she is ‘media scum’.   A department store removes your daughter’s dress line because it isn’t selling and they are ‘terrible’.  Meanwhile, you order a ban on immigrants from all Muslim majority Middle East countries except […]

So about three months ago I lost a bracelet that I had fashioned and had been wearing daily.  It had special meaning for me because I had actually made two of them and given one to a hospice patient of mine whom I had gotten very close to.  At his funeral, I saw that his […]

I guess that’s what keeps us going… those unexpected bumps in the road that pop up in our lives and poof!… we’re suddenly headed off in a new and unexpected direction.  Do we let them control us or do we reach for the reins and get back on course?  That, my friends, is the important question.  Who […]

Well, whether you missed me or not, I’m back!  The blog has been moved to a new host and all we lost was one post and several weeks.  I can’t even remember what was said in that post, except an affirmation that I’m committing myself to getting this work out there this year one way or […]

The big change has just been made on our website.  The old administrator has left, and with the help of my wife and my son, both of whom know how to work with websites better than I do, I have taken over, and will run things from here.  I will have to learn WordPress, will have […]

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