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So today, Pres.¬†Trump said that the United States will back out of the Paris Accord limiting carbon emissions in order to stop global warming. ¬†He either doesn’t understand the concept or he feels that economic interests, particularly his own, are worth risking the future of the planet. ¬†It’s truly amazing that one person can have […]

I just signed an online petition, along with at least a half a million other people, that says¬†“We, the undersigned people of the United States of America, commit to mitigating climate change and sign onto the Paris climate change agreement. ” ¬†See… #IdiotTrump is bringing us all together, just like he is supposed to do. […]

Who would have thunk it, but today I turn 77. ¬†This little piece of meat, this combination of loving thoughts and snarky comments, this fabulous machine that can take all kinds of¬†inputs from Trader Joe’s and turn them into usable fertilizer, this musician, writer, husband, father, grandfather, yogi, chaplain, Scrabble player, cribbage player, and baseball […]

I can’t remember when congressional hearings were such¬†fodder for gatherings at the local tavern… but these days they are. ¬†Drink in hand, we take off from work and sit on the edge of our pub seats, not hoping to see¬†our team to win the championship, but waiting to hear how the current official¬†on the hot […]

“New Consciousness – the evolutionary phenomenological awareness that individual ‘I’ consciousness is the primal Universal Oneness experienced through unique filters and adjectives.” That’s what I just wrote on a neurological test study form that asked if I meditate and if so, what kind of meditation do I do. ¬†It took me a while to come […]

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