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Woke up today with an amazing realization.  I can write a one-page abstract and send it out everywhere offering my deeper writings and analysis.  Whoever picks it up, I’ll work with them.  If no one picks it up… I guess that’s what was supposed to happen.  Here’s what I wrote today. How It All Works… […]

It’s the start of a new year, always a good time to get back into something you have been avoiding with all kinds of made up excuses. For me, that thing is blogging. So when a couple of seemingly unrelated events created an “aha” moment just as 2012 was up and running, well there was […]

Since this series of disasters began, we have been hearing from all manner of scientists and engineers explaining why the earth broke apart, why the water worked the way it did, and why the nuclear power plants didn’t work the way they were intended.  We have also heard from politicians trying to calm the masses, […]

Sometimes it’s hard to keep on the right path… to keep your convictions in the face of seemingly overwhelming obstacles, to keep your faith in a world that seems to be getting crazier every day, to keep your resolutions when it’s so much easier to just say “the hell with it all”.   But, I […]

Nine years ago today a handful of terrorists hijacked several airplanes and launched an attack that stopped the world in its tracks. The after effects of that attack have changed life in America beyond what anyone could have believed possible. Read more about Nine Years Age Today

There was a period in human history when it was a lot easier to live in the here and now than it is today.  For the longest time, life was pretty much the same, yesterday, today, and tomorrow, for as far as the eye could see in either direction.  If you were a farmer back […]

The last post spoke about achieving higher consciousness and improving the world by starting with the subject you know best… yourself. Less complaining about all the other doofuses out there and more focus on being the shining light you know you can be… the very best “you” possible. Well that goes for me, too, the […]

It’s hard not to throw your hands in the air and cry, “I give up”, when you look around at all the stupidity, dishonesty, and downright evil that exists in the world today. From ethnic violence to corporate greed to partisan politics to the destruction of Mother Earth and so much more, the human race […]

When I was a lad there were a lot of middles.  There was middle America, and middle age, and the middle class, not to mention the ubiquitous middle of the road, which could be used to cover anything from politics to issues of social justice.  Sure, there were always people on either end of the […]

I was raised in the knowledge that “seeing is believing”.  Something that someone else saw might be suspect, and hearsay was definitely a no-no as far as credibility went.  But if you saw something with your very own eyes, well, by gosh, that had to be true.  Didn’t it?  And that went for photographs, too. […]

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