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Who We Are What We Are

Don’t look now, but the very same evolutionary process that, over the eons, advanced the dominant species on Earth from rocks to plants to animals to humans has been at it again.  Without our even noticing, it has taken us on beyond human to the next level.  Ta-da!!!  Our replacement is here. Read more about […]

The last three blogs have taken us on a search deep inside to find out who we “really” are.  Along the way we learned that we are not our bodies nor our possessions, despite the signs on the back of some pickups that “the one who dies with the most toys wins”.  And we know […]

So if the word, “I”, does not refer to my body or my thoughts… (see the last two posts to get up to speed)… then what’s left?  My emotions?  Those non-thinking gut reactions I have to the world around me, those relished moments of bliss, those uncontrollable instants of anger, those all too frequent feelings […]

The last post questioned whether or not we really are the body we inhabit… the physical being we identify with, walk around inside of, and use for our interactions with the world around us.  This post, we’re going to go inside that body to see who’s actually in there.  No, we’re not talking about some […]

As we start the New Year it seems like an appropriate time to take a look at the basis of what The Road to Higher Consciousness and it’s sister site, Games of Consciousness are really all about. Namely, who are we at our most basic core?  What is meant when we say the word ‘I’? […]

It’s that time of the year again when guys all across America sit glued in front of the TV set watching college athletes compete in a never ending series of Bowl Games to determine how many football games one can consume before becoming completely pie-eyed.  One such game took place yesterday between Boston College and […]

For the past several postings we’ve been looking for joy in all the wrong places, finding it sadly lacking in the things we buy, the things we own, the things we do, and even the people we love. So does true joy even exist?  And if it does, is there any way we can experience […]

Science and religion have long disagreed as to the origin of the Universe.  Science says it’s the result of a Big Bang.  Religion says it’s the work of God.  Each one says the other is full of it.  And just like the classic Japanese monster movie, King Kong versus Godzilla, the two of them have […]

There’s something nice about being connected.  Whether we’re talking about knowing the ‘right’ people in business, having someone you love waiting for you at home, or even being part of a street gang, being connected is good.   In the words of the West Side Story Jets… “You’re never alone… you’re never disconnected.  You’re home […]

When you’re a world famous celebrity nothing comes easy… not even your death. Controversy rages around your last moments, what drugs you might have taken, what your doctor did or didn’t do, not to mention your will, the custody of your children, and what about all those tickets people bought for your big comeback tour.   Actually, a […]

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