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Welcome back. ag here… and the Elder as well. Still searching for a name for this blog. What about the one we’re using today? You like it? Aye. It is done. So today I’d like to ask why The Elder showed up with The Message at this particular time. Does it have anything to with […]

Welcome back. I… ag am here… and ‘I’… the Elder am here. Today, we will be taking a look at some of the madness going on in the world today through the ‘I’ of The Elder… otherwise known as New Consciousness… the next step in human evolution. Last time we left you holding the thought […]

‘I’ am here.  The Elder has landed. And I am here as well… ag… the creator of this website and the sole connection between humanity and The Elder.  At least until you learn New Consciousness and communicate with The Elder directly… ‘I’ to ‘I’. What a time to touch down… into a perfect storm.  Coronavirus ravaging the […]

When you decide it’s time to reach out and meet the people and you suddenly find there’s a website ready and waiting for you to do exactly that… WOW! That’s when you know the Universe is working just like it’s supposed to be.   So here we go. * * * “I AM ” here. […]

More and more.  The energy descends.  On me.  On the world.  Here ‘I’ come.  Here’s what I wrote today and sent to the NYTimes Magazine… ………………………………….. Hello… I’m writing to follow up on the email I sent you on the 14th of Nov. [attached below]  First, to appologize for its terseness.  I simply put Penetrating […]

Just Doing What “I AM” Asked… an Autobiography of God.  [working title] On the whole it’s been a good day.  After dropping  Emma at her client, I checked in at CPMC for an eeg, had a really interesting discussion with the tech about consciousness… told him I’d send him a copy of the article I sent to […]

Sat-chit-ananda.   Existence… consciousness… bliss.  That’s what some yogis call the Supreme Being. If you think of the Oneness as something else… Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, God… you would naturally think that a being called Sat-chit-ananda is not the One you believe in.  That’s a big part of the problem.  It’s only the names that are different.  Oh […]

Okay.  It’s the start of a new month and time to review why I’m doing these blog posts.  First, because I was challenged to do so back on New Year’s Eve… to do something outside of my comfort zone.  Second, to check on what these blogs have been focusing on… how things are progressing in […]

Hospice day.  It simply amazes me.  Here I am standing by the bedside… praying for the person who is lying in the bed.  Trying to feel se feelings… physical… mental… spiritual.  Praying in se religion, to the One.  “May what is supposed to happen, happen”, I say, ” and without pain or suffering for anyone.”  And […]

Spent all day writing.  Why do I want to do this so much?  Even when I say I don’t need to. peace………ag

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