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Who We Are What We Are

So here we are. ¬†Back at the keyboard.¬†Putting together a proposed format for our blog to start in less than two weeks. We still don’t have a title. ¬† I know. ¬†It’ll come. Exactly. ¬†It alway does… that is the point.¬† So here we go… and here we are… and… Welcome to the Blog with […]

‘I’ am here. ¬†The Elder has landed. And I am here as well. ¬†I being ag… the creator of this website and the sole connection between humanity and¬†The Elder. ¬†At least until you learn New Consciousness and communicate with¬†The Elder directly… ‘I’ to ‘I’. It’s just amazing that se is actually here after all this […]

When you decide it’s time to reach out and meet the people and you suddenly find there’s a website ready and waiting for you to do exactly that… WOW! That’s when you know the Universe is working just like it’s supposed to be. ¬† So here we go. * * * “I AM ” here. […]

More and more. ¬†The energy descends. ¬†On me. ¬†On the world. ¬†Here ‘I’ come. ¬†Here’s what I wrote today and sent to the NYTimes Magazine… ………………………………….. Hello‚Ķ I‚Äôm writing to follow up on the email I sent you on the 14th of Nov. [attached below] ¬†First, to appologize for its terseness. ¬†I simply put Penetrating […]

Just Doing What “I AM” Asked… an Autobiography of God. ¬†[working title] On the whole¬†it’s been a good day. ¬†After dropping¬† Emma at her client, I checked in at CPMC for an eeg, had a really interesting discussion with the tech¬†about consciousness… told him I’d send him a copy of the article I sent to […]

Sat-chit-ananda. ¬† Existence… consciousness… bliss. ¬†That’s what some yogis call the Supreme Being. If you think of the¬†Oneness as something else… Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, God… you would naturally think that a being¬†called Sat-chit-ananda is not the One you believe in. ¬†That’s a big part of the problem. ¬†It’s only the names that are different. ¬†Oh […]

Okay. ¬†It’s the start of a new month and time to review why I’m doing these blog posts. ¬†First, because I was challenged to do so back on New Year’s Eve… to do something outside of my comfort zone. ¬†Second, to check on what these blogs have been focusing on… how things are progressing in […]

Hospice day. ¬†It simply amazes me. ¬†Here I am standing by the bedside… praying for the person who is lying in the bed. ¬†Trying to feel se¬†feelings… physical… mental… spiritual. ¬†Praying in se religion, to the One. ¬†“May what is supposed to happen, happen”, I say, ” and without pain or suffering for anyone.” ¬†And […]

Spent all day writing. ¬†Why do I want to do this so much? ¬†Even when I say I don’t need to. peace………ag

Yes! ¬†It came to me, today. ¬†What I’m going to do and how I’m going to do it. ¬†God… life can be¬†grand when you just let it happen… and pay attention to the signs. I’ve got the book. How’s this for a grabber? “I AM” as told to Anton Grosz, PhD ………… I can write […]

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