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Who We Are What We Are

Handbook of the New Consciousness has just been entered in an international challenge put out by OpenIdeo and a philanthropic organization to handle global challenges at the intersection of peace, prosperity, and planet in radically new ways.  I offered my work as a way of Teaching the inner Oneness that connects us to the universe and […]

#New Consciousness is knowing that when we say #I AM… we are speaking fact… and that anything we say after that to describe ourselves… male… female… black… white… yellow… red… rich… poor… Hindu… Christian… Muslim… Jew… Atheist… whatever… are just filters and adjectives through which we view and experience the world. peace…….ag

Only three more days to go till the end of the year.  If, indeed, as I always claim, the first of the three rules of life is “Be happy”, then it has been a very good year.  I am truly blessed. peace……..ag

I wonder how this right-hand turn in American politics will effect the potential for spiritual advancement.  There is no question that the ascension of the far-right has also brought the liberal element together in its opposition.  There is no longer any middle ground.  You are either with your kind against all other kinds, or you […]

Happy Thanksgiving. peace……….ag  

So here’s what came to me yesterday as far as how to market my writing.  I will send a short pithy email to Stephen Hawking saying that I have broken into Black Holes and I wanted to share the technique with him before publication.  I will attach the article, Shredding the Event Horizon.  I will […]

What a day.  Great meeting with the President of Aging With Dignity, went for a six mile walk between appointments, got some hearing aids put in, and all on Halloween to boot.  And none of this was on the agenda as little as a week ago.  Life is amazing. peace…….ag

Just got back from hospice visits and will be heading out of the City to visit some friends upstate.  Too much internal energy between events to focus on writing.  I guess not everyday yields an epiphany. peace……………ag  

…or as Dr. Seuss would put it… “ON BEYOND HUMAN” Just look how far down the road of evolution it took before there were beings on this planet who even recognized that they were separate and unique from the world outside of them?   It’s not everything that thinks… ’I’ am in here… and ‘you’ are […]

CHUCK LORRE PRODUCTIONS, #502 1st Aired: 28 Sep 2015 “I’ve come to realize that my vanity cards are the perfect vehicle to explore the vainest thing imaginable, the ego. The illusory self. The mind-made, compulsively thinking entity that usurped the mantle of “I” from the eternal and infinite consciousness from which it sprang. The never-satisfied […]

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