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It’s like an episode of Star Trek.  As the show opens, starship Enterprise has been taken over by an invisible energy field that is messing with the main computer, warp drive and life support systems.  It is also making people sick, with one even dying… a crew member we’ve never seen before.  The crew has an hour to use all their logic and science and experience of working together to figure out how to eliminate the alien and keep it from growing before it infects them all and destroys the ship.

Sound familiar?  That’s exactly where we’re at with the coronavirus.   At the moment, our entire planet is surrounded by a cloud of living energy so subtle and unique, that without special tests we are not even able to know for sure that it’s there.  We do know, however, it makes us sick, some more than others, some of us even die, especially older ones.  It can live for days, in the air, on different surfaces and temperatures, and has hooked onto our species to help it spread around the planet.  If we don’t take action, it will grow and infect us all.

Its impact has been incredible.  Even for those of us fortunate enough not to have met Covid-19 in person, so much of what we used to think of as normal is no longer part of of our lives.  As of this moment, around the world, millions of people are living under quarantine, both government and self-imposed.  We are staying indoors, working from home if we can, losing income if we can’t, missing doctor’s appointments, avoiding contact… practicing  social distancing… disinfecting… washing hands over and over like it’s a case of… life or death.  Events have been called off, religious services cancelled, schools closed, travel affected, jobs lost, sports seasons curtailed, factories and businesses closed, not to mention store shelves running out of bare essentials like toilet paper.  Toilet paper?  Really?

How long will this go on?  Who knows.   We may have more than an hour to sort it all out, but we really have no time to spare. We don’t even know for sure if the decisions we’re making will have the desired effect. What we do agree on is that…

“I don’t want meet up with Covid-19 any closer than I already am.  If I’m sick, I want to recover.  If I’m not, then I don’t want to experience what happens next…  one moment fine, and the next, coughing, fever, trouble breathing?  Then what?  Do I have it?  Now what do I do?  How did I get it? Will I give it to others?  I’d want to know.  I’d want to be tested.  This is serious.  It could be fatal.  I don’t want that”.

What we are seeing is individuals of all social classes putting aside political, religious, economic, social, cultural, language, racial, and gender viewpoints to join in focus on this one threat to humanity.   Took some longer than others to get on board and not all contribute as much or as well.   However, everyone is now taking Covid-19 seriously, no-one is laughing it off.  Underneath our differences, we are in agreement on what we want to happen next.  This is truly an evolutionary moment.

As a result of coronavirus, we have learned that what we do to for our health can have a major effect not just on ourselves, but for everyone else on the planet.  Literally… via our six degrees of separation… everyone else!!!   My actions can help keep the virus alive to infect another day, or help wind it down and minimize its impact.   And, not surprising, what I do affects you just as what you do affects me.   In the words of MSNBC commentator, Van Jones, “I am only going to be as healthy as you let me be.”

So thanks to coronavirus, it appears we now recognize that our actions affect each other… that we are all connected. Humanity is finally seeing ‘I’ to ‘I’.  Wow!  Look how far we’ve come.

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