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So here’s what came to me yesterday as far as how to market my writing.  I will send a short pithy email to Stephen Hawking saying that I have broken into Black Holes and I wanted to share the technique with him before publication.  I will attach the article, Shredding the Event Horizon.  I will prominently copy the New York Times Magazine Editor, Science Editor, or maybe both and will send a copy to the Editor of ScientificAmerican since they are referenced.  I will send a copy to Veronica Delacruz, the local with-it TV news broadcaster.  I will ask for acknowledgment of receipt of all email.

I will write another pithy email to Grosset & Dunlop telling them of the email to Hawking and offering them first chance at the book that is referenced in the article,  Handbook of the New Consciousness.  I will ask them for acknowledgment of receipt of the email.

As I write the emails, I will also look for other coordinated places to send emails.  NASA? Elon Musk? Space oriented Foundations? I will also ask Tom to spread the word on Twitter that Black Holes have been penetrated. …stay tuned.




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