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More and more.  The energy descends.  On me.  On the world.  Here ‘I’ come.  Here’s what I wrote today and sent to the NYTimes Magazine…


I’m writing to follow up on the email I sent you on the 14th of Nov. [attached below]  First, to appologize for its terseness.  I simply put Penetrating Black Holes out there on its own, without any editorializing or even letting you know that a copy had been sent to Dr. Stephen Hawking for his review.  If I wanted you to publish my findings I certainly didn’t give you much to go on but the paper, itself.  However, that having been said, I now want to put into context what this is really all about.
* * *
This is about New Consciousness, the understanding that God, Dark Energy, the Singularity at the start of and throughout the universe, whatever name you want to use… is nothing more nor less than the ‘I’ we all feel inside ourselves.  The feeling of… “I AM”… inside the adjectives that make us unique. You and Me… writings these words… reading these words… we share the same consciousness.  Your ‘I am’ and my ‘I am’ don’t just feel the same… they are the same.  We are same “I AM”.  This is New Consciousness.
Were this a physical evolution taking place, the emergence of a sixth finger or a new blood type that never existed before, we wouldn’t doubt its reality.  It would be easy to see with the naked eye or some fancy instrument of technology and we could observe and measure its evolutionary progress. But New Consciousness occurs within our minds.  It happens inside each individual one of us and cannot be seen from the outside except through group consciousness… though it is individually experienced. This is as big a step for evolution on this planet as when some primitive being first realized there was an ‘I’ in here in the first place.  
Science and religion will agree on how the universe was created bolstered by irrefutable proof which anyone will be able to experience and reproduce.  Knowing that all beings are truly connected at our very core will be game changing.  We will no longer simply look out for #1 and the hell with you, but will live with compassion and practice altruism with the goal of creating good and uplifting all.  New Consciousness will also add an additional dimension to our 3D universe.  We will be able to share experiences across time and space, to follow evolution from non-aware matter through human mind, and know how the universe came into being.  [e.g., Shredding the Event Horizon and the Evolution of Humanity… …Quantum Physics Meets Phenomenology, attached below.]
This giant evolutionary leap, however, unlike all previous ones, is voluntary.  Humans are no longer simple creatures controlled by instinct and New Consciousness will not be force fed to us.  Wanting to experience New Consciousness is an individual choice.  Should enough humans choose to be so and a tipping point be reached, humanity will thrive and move into new eras of prosperity and joy, what some traditions call Heaven on Earth. If not, if self-centeredness and hatred for differences remain humanity’s buzzwords, then at some point the future will prove untenable and we will destroy ourselves and the planet on which we live.
I am a teacher of New Consciousness and have developed games and teachings that can lead anyone to New Consciousness if they really want to go.  I am ready to share my findings; my forty years of readings and meditations, inner games and outer practices, academic papers and fanciful allegories, reasoned insights and blow-your-mind experiences. This is what I want to share with the world through The New York Times Magazine.  
Oh. did I mention? I used to be a columnist for several magazines including Hudson Valley.
‘I am’ looking to touch down and I look forward to hearing back.

Anton Grosz, PhD
415/425-0395 (cell)
It will happen.


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