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Who We Are What We Are

I can hardly believe it.  Day 359 out of 366.  I can still remember when it said Day 6 or Day 20 or Day 37 and I couldn’t see all the way down the road to Day 366 but I knew it would happen because I could do it one day at a time.  No need to hurry.  No need to rush,  It will happen of its own accord. One day at a time.  And now it’s virtually over, virtually done.

Just like I look into the mirror and see myself at 76.  Why I can still remember looking at myself in the mirror at age 6 or age 20 or age 37.  No need to hurry, no need to rush.  It will happen of its own accord.  One day at a time.   And now its virtually over.  Virtually done.  It’s amazing the parallels you can see in life if you look closely enough.



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