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Discipline is Not A Four Letter Word

I’m sitting at my desk right now, typing words on the keyboard that show up on the screen in front of me.  The reason, plain and simple, is that it’s the 1st of August and two weeks have passed since I added a post on this website.  Have the multitudes out there been clamoring for another entry?  Not so’s you’d notice.  However, the inner voice is talking and telling me to get off my duff and post an entry and I know I’d better listen.  It’s time to practice some self discipline…  again.

Self discipline is a big part of this trying to be a better person business.  It’s what gets me to the gym several mornings a week for swimming sessions and yoga classes, keeps me from pigging out on ice cream and chocolate, stops me from smoking pot, visiting porn sites, and giving drivers the middle finger when they cut in front of me in traffic.  All in all, this self discipline, this inner voice, is having a big effect in my attempts to improve myself and be the very best “me” I can be.  In fact, it’s the key to making it all work.

It’s the border line activities that need the real self discipline.  If there’s something I should do that I want to do, there’s no problem at all.  I do it.  Just like I don’t do the things I shouldn’t do that I don’t want to.  Both cases are easy outs.  It’s the stuff in the middle, the border line issues, that are the problem.

I remember when I was much younger and thought that if there were a God, he’d talk to you through what you felt inside.  I didn’t “believe” in God in those days and never listened for that inner voice.  I figured that the moral and ethical standards I lived by… no killing, no stealing, no hurting anybody else… were just things I believed in because I knew they were the right things to do, or not do, as the case may be.  It never crossed my mind that the inner voice and self discipline were really one and the same.  And that self-discipline, if carried deep enough can become spinal and intuitive.

It’s funny, in fact, how practicing self discipline and forcing yourself to do something you “know you should” can create a habit that makes it easier and easier to perform the task when it comes up in the future.  My body now craves the twice a week half mile swims and alternate yoga classes, even though I piss and moan when I have to get out of bed to get ready.  And chocolate desserts I’ve scarfed down in the past seem too icky sweet when I take a spoonful even though they still look good on the menu.  And I’m getting good at slowing down to stop at the yellow light instead of speeding up to get through it, putting my dishes in the dishwasher, and not having to have the last word.  And I’m down over 12 pounds since starting this self improvement kick back in June.  Who knows… there may be some hope for the old guy after all.

So how does this all fit in to higher consciousness?  I guess that depends on where you think that inner voice is coming from in the first place.


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