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Nine Years Age Today

Nine years ago today a handful of terrorists hijacked several airplanes and launched an attack that stopped the world in its tracks.  The after effects of that attack have changed life in America beyond what anyone could have believed possible.

A nation that believed itself invincible and immune from the physical acts of war has discovered a scar at Ground Zero that will remind it forever of its true vulnerability.   As a direct result of the actions of those fifteen men, policies have been changed and laws put in place that have seriously challenged the freedoms and personal liberties that made this country unique.  The metal detectors and long lines at the airports are only the tip of the iceberg.  There should be no doubt… Big Brother is Watching Us… All of Us.

But it’s more than government that has changed.  American citizens, mirroring the fears and energies of our government, have become less tolerant of others, denying the rights we want for ourselves to those who we can, by stretching our imaginations, link in some way to the perpetrators, be it by religion, ethnicity, accent, dress, language, name, or headdress.  In short, we are becoming less and less the freedom lovers we were and more and more like those we fear, reactionary, self-righteous, and full of hate.  We have met the enemy and it is us.

But do not lose hope.  The universe is balanced and pendulum swings in one direction will eventually sort themselves out.  Freedom is too strong a drive to disappear.  It is part of the nature of the Higher Consciousness and as such will always be part of the human evolutionary spiral.  Whether its purer and more open manifestation will return in our lifetime or on our soil remains to be seen.  One can only hope… and do our own little part to make it happen.


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ps.  I know I said I’d focus on the personal this year, but 9/11 is personal… for all of us.

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