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When I wrote the last post on Twittering I didn’t expect to be back covering social interaction issues so soon, but a recent item on NPR makes this follow-up seem quite appropriate and connected. 

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So is there anyone in America who didn’t think that Ahmadinejad was going to rig the vote in Iran, come out the winner, and be elected to another term?  If so, shame on you for being so naive.

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Michael Jackson died yesterday.   He was the King of Pop, sold more albums than anyone else in history, was an icon throughout the world, and at the time of his death owed a half billion dollars and stood accused of heinous crimes against children. What a life.  So how does this fit into a blog on Higher Consciousness?

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When you’re a world famous celebrity nothing comes easy… not even your death. Controversy rages around your last moments, what drugs you might have taken, what your doctor did or didn’t do, not to mention your will, the custody of your children, and what about all those tickets people bought for your big comeback tour.   Actually, a comeback tour from his present location has only been done once before, so I recall.

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I received an email from an old friend the other day for the purpose of trying, once again, to convince me why the right is right.  The scary part is that the story it told and the example it contained portrays quite accurately the way a large part of our population really do think and act.

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There’s something nice about being connected.  Whether we’re talking about knowing the ‘right’ people in business, having someone you love waiting for you at home, or even being part of a street gang, being connected is good.   In the words of the West Side Story Jets… “You’re never alone… you’re never disconnected.  You’re home with your own… when company’s expected… you’re well protected!.”   But I digress.  Being connected can come in handy in many situations.  I, for example, use it in my yoga practice.

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Americans love our freedom and we love to fight.  This volatile combination is how our country was formed and grew and why we can justify planting our flag anywhere in the world where human rights appear threatened.  It is also how small unimportant incidents between two male egos can escalate into major national issues that grab the headlines and stir the pot.  Take the strange case of Dr. Henry Louis Gates of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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We seem to be going through a period of human evolution where the solution of choice to any problem or misunderstanding is to kill the person on the other end of the equation. This is true whether we are talking about having differing religious beliefs, holding varying political views, being fired from a job, getting cut off on the highway, or even having bad dreams.

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She drew our attention as we waited at the red light, standing in the middle of the lane with her bike rather than snaking her way between the stopped cars like messengers and experienced riders do. “There’s a newbie”, I mused. “And not really dressed for biking”, my wife added, a dimension of awareness that I had missed completely. Several riders caught up and headed to the front of the pack, and she, apparently feeling the strength in numbers, followed, disappearing around the bus ahead.

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Senator Kennedy died last night and the airwaves are filled with tributes coming to him from around the world. Granted, I haven’t listened to any conservative talk show hosts, but the praise for his dedication and hard work over the years in promoting the causes he believed in seem to come from both sides of the aisle. There is a lesson in higher consciousness here.

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