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Who We Are What We Are

Amazing how stupid humans are. ¬†It’s big international news about trying to find the person who drove a truck into a German Christmas market and killed a dozen people. ¬†As if finding that person and prosecuting him will stop violence. ¬†How about we spend that much effort in trying to teach people that we are really all one, and that hurting another is really hurting oneself.


Hospice day today. ¬†Saw seven different patients and actually sat and had hour long conversations with three of them. ¬†How awesome. ¬†What a gift I’ve been given… the ability to hang out and feel comfortable with people who are dying and to make them feel better about what they are going through. ¬†I am blessed.


Plans are beginning to formulate in my mind. 2016 is almost over and I’ve produced the items I wanted to produce. ¬†the quantum physics article… Tao of the New Consciousness… and Handbook¬†of the New Consciousness… plus a few other odds and ends. ¬†Plus I’ve talked at the Fellowship and presented for IDEO, which is where I am about to focus my attention. ¬†Can I get that company interested in working with me in 2017? ¬†Let’s see.


The article went out today to SiAm.  And I feel committed to keep sending it and all my other stuff out until the teachings make it into the mainstream.  We truly are all One and if I can do anything to counter the divisiveness in our country today by spreading the word, it is my duty to do so.  Let the work begin.


Okay! ¬†The energy is growing within me. ¬†It’s feeling the divisive hateful energy that is currently permeating our country and realizing that my message of Oneness… that “I am” is real and everything else is just an adjective… runs counter to that. ¬†Is this my role? ¬†Is this what I am here to do? ¬†To spend 77 years putting it all together so as to be able to spew it out when we need it the most? The other day I was talking to my sister and commenting about how her daughter has certainly made her mark in the world. ¬†“Yes,”, she said. ¬†“And we’re still here waiting for you.” ¬†I feel a definite change. ¬†Perhaps the time has come. ¬†Stay tuned.


Ah, what a perfect Saturday.  Yoga, food shopping, a shower, a nap, now nothing to do but water the orchids, have dinner, and take it easy.  I can do this.


The article is done. ¬†The cover letter is done. ¬†New title… Event Horizons: The Gateway Into Black Holes... Quantum Physics Meets Phenomenology.¬† It will go out on Monday to Scientific American. The goal that was set at the beginning of the year seems to be getting fulfilled. Wouldn’t that be nice.


Well, I appear to have dodged a bullet. ¬†The epilepsy doctor said it’s not epilepsy, in fact I didn’t appear to even have had any seizures. ¬†He called my experiences ‘syncope’, or fainting, due to over use of recreational marijuana, my diagnosis exactly. ¬†He also said the ‘damage’ to my brain that showed up on the MRI is borderline normal and might just have been a mis-read. ¬†No need for any more testing, just stay off pot… like most of you who are reading this. ¬†He also said he’d contact my primary care physician who had already said that if he got a good response from the specialist he would contact DMV before the deadline so I can keep my license. ¬†I filled out the proper forms and left them in his office, so all should be good. ¬†Fingers crossed.


Well, at least life is not dull. ¬†Tomorrow is the appointment with the epilepsy doctor, then fill out the forms for the DMV to see if I can keep my driver’s license, then finish editing the Black Holes article and send it out, then hospice, keeping up with the usual stuff, and create an invite to the New Year’s Eve party. ¬†Whoopie!!!


This is incredible. ¬†Editing a 6500 word article down to 3000 words without losing the essence. ¬†It’s frustrating and exhilarating at the same time. ¬†I may be losing some of my ‘clever’ writing, but it will certainly be cogent.


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