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I did it. ¬†That’s it. ¬†Which also happens to be the third of my¬†three rules of life. ¬†1. Be happy. ¬†2. Be kind. ¬†3. That’s it. ¬†So take that 2016. ¬†You are finally over… although your residuals will be plaguing us for at least the next four years. ¬†A Happy New Year to everyone. ¬†May it bring us all peace and joy and love and oneness, the way it was originally intended to be.


Two days to go. ¬†And if the second rule of life is… Be Kind… then at least I have tried this year. ¬†I could always try harder, of course. ¬†Next year, I will. ¬†There, that’s a commitment.


Only three more days to go till the end of the year. ¬†If, indeed, as I always claim, the first of the three rules of life is “Be happy”, then it has been a very good year. ¬†I am truly blessed.


Saw some hospice patients today. ¬†It’s amazing how I act so differently with each one… wishing them all peace and no pain and suffering but acting differently with each, playing it by ear depending on who they are and how they are handling things. ¬†Ultimately, it’s not about me. It’s a good lesson to know.


It really is amazing how something that seemed so daunting at the beginning of the year is nothing special or difficult here at the end. ¬†I do wonder if I will commit to doing this again for another year or not. ¬†If I do, that probably means blogging¬†every day for the rest of my life rather than just one year at a time. ¬†That might not be so hard other than committing to actually saying something of value, which I certainly didn’t do this year. ¬†Don’t rush me… I’m still thinking.


Amazing. ¬†As the year is coming to an end I feel it winding down rather than coming to a climax. ¬†I’ve basically done all I can to make things happen in 2016 and what did, did, and what didn’t, didn’t. Knowing that “I” am in charge rather than little ole me sort of gets rid of any guilt for what didn’t happen… provided, of course, that I gave it a shot and didn’t just sit on my butt waiting for the goodies to fall off the tree. ¬†So, basically, I’ll keep on with the game plan in 2017 and if the Red Sea parts, great. ¬†If not, ¬†glub, glub, glub.


Merry Christmas… ho ho ho.


I can hardly believe it. ¬†Day 359 out of 366. ¬†I can still remember when it said Day 6¬†or Day 20¬†or Day 37¬†and I couldn’t see all the way down the road to Day 366 but I knew it would happen because I could do it one day at a time. ¬†No need to hurry. ¬†No need to rush, ¬†It will happen of its own accord. One day at a time. ¬†And now it’s virtually over, virtually done.

Just like I look into the mirror and see myself at 76. ¬†Why I can still remember looking at myself in the mirror at age 6 or age 20 or age 37. ¬†No need to hurry, no need to rush. ¬†It will happen of its own accord. ¬†One day at a time. ¬†¬†And now its virtually over. ¬†Virtually done. ¬†It’s amazing the parallels you can see in life if you look closely enough.


My 2016 challenge to do something outside of my comfort zone was to post on this site every day for a year. ¬†And, indeed, I have, as well as writing several articles and booklets designed to get New Consciousness out of my head and onto paper (or actually onto a computer. ¬†Only an old guy like me would say ‘onto paper’.) ¬†So here’s an idea for next year. ¬†How about if at least once a week I committed to sending out the New Consciousness writings and making the contacts necessary to get them into the world? ¬†Yeah, marketing. ¬†That’s the ticket. ¬†And I’ll get a running start on 2017 by following up with IDEO this coming Monday. ¬†I really feel they are a good way to go and that one of these attempts will actually make it through. ¬†Wish me luck.


Amazing how stupid humans are. ¬†It’s big international news about trying to find the person who drove a truck into a German Christmas market and killed a dozen people. ¬†As if finding that person and prosecuting him will stop violence. ¬†How about we spend that much effort in trying to teach people that we are really all one, and that hurting another is really hurting oneself.


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