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Who We Are What We Are

Welcome back. I… ag am here… and ‘I’… the Elder am here.

Today, we will be taking a look at some of the madness going on in the world today through the ‘I’ of The Elder… otherwise known as New Consciousness… the next step in human evolution. Last time we left you holding the thought that truly all life is connected.

Clearly, as you look around, not everyone thinks so. You can not even agree that all humans are connected. That is the key behind the racial tensions that have created the protests and conflicts you are going through today. It had to happen. The imbalance was too great. The key experience that will tip the scales in the other direction and end this conflict is New Consciousness, the ability to see the world through another’s ‘I’.

…as I so well know. It was one night while watching Trevor Noah on The Daily Show, that I suddenly realized that even though I have never been a racist, I have never experienced the world as it is actually experienced by black and brown people…

…never been afraid of ones in uniform. Afraid of the very ones whose job it is to keep law and order. Whose job… at least in theory is to keep you safe.

I grew up trusting policemen. I remember as a little boy, learning a song in kindergarten that I should remember in case I ever get lost. “Walk up the niiice po-liiice-man… he’ll tell you just whaaat to dooo.” Not quite the message black mothers are teaching their kids these days.

Of course not. It is like looking at the same thing through different filters. People of different colors looking at the same physical world out there and seeing a different physical world looking back. Where you saw safety and refuge if you needed it… ‘I’ in a black body see danger and trouble.

I really didn’t understand the problem. Even though it looks the same, the world we each experience out there is a different world for each and every one of us. It is not fair and equal and balanced.

Clearly, this is not a characteristic of nature. The Oneness that exists within us all did not create a different outer world for black people than for white people. Planet Earth did not create it either. It is humanity, yourself, who see the difference in something as stupid as the color of your skin, and have created this disparity.

And even though I am not its creator if I don’t do something to change it then I am condoning it and permitting racism to thrive and prosper even if I don’t participate in racism myself.

Yes. That is the step that is needed in your world to change this injustice… this straying off the path of abundance and peace and joy for all that “I” had intended life on Earth to be. Experience the world through the other’s ‘I’ and it will make all the difference.

* * *

And to help you make this leap, go to www.rovingi.net  and for free, download Handbook of the New Consciousness and Tao of the New Consciousness… written to help humanity survive and evolve into a new era of Perpetual Peace and Universal Understanding.  Ever better.

peace…….ag and The Elder


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