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It always strikes me as funny in a “black humor” sort of way that it is the people who most loudly and most prominently shout the Lord’s name who act so overtly against the Lord’s word.  Take war, for example.  

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  1. Deerpark

    I was visiting my aunt, who is now in her early 80s, and in discussing the prop 8 issue she shared a story from the late 1930’s about a neighbor and close friend. Her friend, who was from a Protestant family, fell in love and married her Catholic boyfriend who was of Italian decent. The girl’s parents refused to accept the marriage because of the boy’s religion and went as far as disowning their daughter, never speaking to her again. When my aunt told me this sad story we both had to laugh at the utter absurdity of the parent’s behavior. However, my aunt explained to me this was not uncommon in that era.

    I’m waiting for the day when we can get a good laugh from the ridiculousness of prop 8. Not that the pain this issue has caused is anything to laugh at, of course not. But someday we’ll look back at this in the same light as other antiquated mandates such as denying women the right to vote or the Jim Crow laws.


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