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Shiites and Sunnis, Catholics and Protestants

Call me a goody-goody, but personally, I don’t like it when people do nasty things to other people… like shooting them or blowing them up or burning their houses or any number of other things that can only be categorized as being very mean and anti-social.  Yes, there are times when the invaders march in over the hills… and you must defend your homestead against the rampaging horde.  However, what truly makes me wonder about how far humanity has evolved over the eons is when people start attacking other people whom I thought were on their own team.

Take the current news coming out of the middle East, where Muslims are savaging other Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other places that have become household names for today’s westerner.  Call me stupid, but I thought the Muslims were on the same side united against the Christians.  I mean wasn’t that what the Crusades were all about?  Well apparently that may have been the case a thousand years ago, but now its not enough to define yourself as a Muslim to know which side of the field to line up on, you have to know how you pray to Allah in order to see who’s wearing the same color jersey.  Us vs. Them has become a little more specific.

But before Christians get too cocky, think back just a few years ago when Catholics and Protestants were squaring off in Northern Ireland and doing the same thing.  “You don’t pray to the Prince of Peace in the same way that I do, so I’m going to blow your &#$%’ head off!”  Sounds idiotic when you say it that way, but that’s what was happening. Irishman vs. Irishman over how to love The Lord.

The key, of course, is where you put your ‘I’, who it is that you relate yourself with.  Are you a loner holed up with an arsenal who sees everyone else as the enemy and every delivery boy and neighbor as a potential threat to your very existence?  Are you an upstanding member of your community accepting of people who look and think like you but those guys over there are different and can’t be trusted?  Are those whose families came to these shores generations ago ‘okay’, but those who made the trip themselves are not?  Are you just as accepting of people who obviously can’t be related to you because their color is different than yours?  Why is it so important to define differences?

You realize, of course, that everyone has the same ‘I’ inside their heads.  Ultimately, we really are One.  The diversity, the differences, the distractions are just for show.  The light of consciousness that shines within me is not just the same as the one that shines within you, it is the exact same light!   When we define ourselves and say, “I am…” that is fact.  Everything we add after that is just an adjective.

A former teacher of mine, Ramchandra Gandhi, grandson of the great Mahatma, used to say there is no Self and Other.  Only a Oneness of Human Consciousness that he referred to as Self and Apparent Not-Self.  It’s a concept you can experience through the games and exercises on <GamesofConsciousness.com>.  Try it.  Makes so much more sense than offing someone simply because they’re not like you.

I leave you with the story of the Jew who was walking the streets of Northern Ireland several years ago when he was grabbed from behind and dragged into an alley with a gun was pointed at his head.  “Are you a Catholic or a Protestant?” he was asked.

“Neither,” he replied.  “I’m a Jew.”

His assailant smiled.  “Well ain’t I the luckiest Arab in Belfast!”



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