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Sometimes It’s Hard

Sometimes it’s hard to keep on the right path… to keep your convictions in the face of seemingly overwhelming obstacles, to keep your faith in a world that seems to be getting crazier every day, to keep your resolutions when it’s so much easier to just say “the hell with it all”. ¬† But, I guess, if all we ever did was what was easier, we’d end up doing nothing but sitting on the couch all day, watching TV, and eating potato chips.

What’s easy to do is to look at Afghanistan, Iraq, Tucson, and the Middle East and feel beaten down by the injustices, inequities, and idiocies that live in the world around us. ¬†It’s easy to look at the beautiful stars at their awards banquets, the spoiled professional athletes, and the rich bankers with their seven figure salaries and wonder how we fit into the equation. ¬†Do we even live in the same world as they do? ¬†It’s easy to throw up our hands and say “What’s the use”, or “What can I do”, or “Who gives a damn, anyway”. ¬† Fortunately, however, we sometimes get inspired to take the hard path.

Inspiration can come from places you weren’t even looking, from things that rise up and hit you when you least expect it. ¬†Like the old newspaper I picked up this morning and started to throw in the recycling when I saw an article on how this guy had lost thirty pounds… and realized that I had let my own weight loss plan go down the tubes somewhere around last holiday season. ¬†And darned if the regimen he had used wasn’t the same one I’d been on till I let it slide into history carbohydrate by carbohydrate.

Then less than an hour later, this Facebook posting showed up from a favorite niece across country who gave me a double whammy, not only asking why I hadn’t blogged in a long time but commenting on how her weight loss program was approaching triple digits. ¬†Boy, if that doesn’t inspire me to do the right thing, what will? ¬†Thanks, Stace.

It’s good to know that to do the right thing I don’t have to save the world. ¬†I don’t have to put on a cape and fly through the air, fighting for truth, saving the innocent, and halting injustice. ¬†The hardest thing I have to do is control myself. ¬†In fact, all I have to do to make this a better world is to make me a better me. ¬† It may not look like much but every little bit helps. ¬†Maybe I can inspire someone else the way Stace has inspired me. ¬†Maybe if enough of us become the best us we can become, we could actually tip the scales to the plus side. ¬†And wouldn’t that be nice. ¬†So… here goes.


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