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Who We Are What We Are

What if there were eyes on the ends of the fingers? And they looked out and saw the thumb and said, “You stupid thumb, coming from a different direction! Take that! And that! And that!”… and they scratched the thumb and made it bleed and it got all infected and the infection went into the hand and back up into the fingers and they all got infected, too. Would the fingers have scratched the thumb if they knew they were all connected and hurting another would hurt themselves?

By any rule of reason… probably not.  Once they realized they were all connected they would probably have lived in peace with the thumb… doing things together that had never been done before… and get this… which neither the fingers nor the thumb could have done on their own.   Talk about an evolutionary moment.

* * *

Shouldn’t it be the same with humans?   Aren’t we at least as smart as our fingers?  Knowing we are all connected by our ‘I’… why should we hurt ourselves?

We will still have differences…of course… that’s the fun of it all.  How boring if we were all the same.  But we will celebrate our differences by using our individual, separate, skills, talents and abilities for the benefit of all.   The good of the whole… and each of its parts.  This should usher in an era of Perpetual Peace and Universal Understanding.  Sort of like how our bodily organs are all different and have different talents… but  work together for the good and welfare of the sum of the parts.

What I am saying is not new.  What The Roving ‘I’ has to say has been said before in the course of human history… by a lot of people… smart people… good people as it turns out.  “I am …that I am.”  “I am … the way”.  “The Tao that can be spoken is not the Tao”.   There are many paths to the highest Truth, and whichever you follow, if you are true to it and heed the teachings of its founder, as opposed to those of se followers, you will reach your goal.  The exercises in The Roving ‘I’  should help you on your path.

It will happen… in fact… it is happening… even as we speak.  You know how a curved line can go slowly along the x axis… taking a long time to hardly get off the ground… and then suddenly… whoosh… it turns the corner and goes straight up the y axis.  Well… that’s where humanity is with New Consciousness.   At the corner.  Here’s where we all get together and suddenly, when the right mass has been reached… I becomes ‘I’.


* * *

ps… This thread started 7/17/15

pps…  Next blog we’ll start to look at evolution and experience how we got here.

ppps… The Roving ‘I’ site is coming along.  As soon as it’s ready… you’ll be the first to know and we can begin the real adventure.





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