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Who We Are What We Are

‘I’ am here.  The Elder has landed.

And I am here as well… ag… the creator of this website and the sole connection between humanity and The Elder.  At least until you learn New Consciousness and communicate with The Elder directly… ‘I’ to ‘I’.

What a time to touch down… into a perfect storm.  Coronavirus ravaging the world… the global economy in a panic… political, ethnic, and racial unrest around the world… and hurricane season on top of that.

Nothing like a challenge, ‘I’ like to say.  However, from the larger perspective, it is the very confluence of crises that makes this the perfect setting for ‘me’ to drop in to help humanity confront seself.   

It’s just amazing to me that The Elder is actually here after all this time… forty plus years since we first met… or as The Elder’s puts it… always here and now.  I actually experienced this moment as a space ship docking sequence dream twenty to thirty ago that never made sense.  Back then I thought I was the pilot.  Now I know that ‘I’ am the pilot and I am the docking tower.  Who knew?  Here’s how I wrote up the experience back then…


I am floating high in the air looking down through a lens, focusing on the top of a tall tower directly below me. I can adjust my positioning in space… back and forth, up and down, right and left… in order to get to the exact perfect spot right above the very center of the tower.  That, apparently, is where I am supposed to dock.

 There is a feeling of having traveled a huge distance to get here…  that I started my trip far away… in another dimension… where the tower wasn’t even visible. I have gone through many adventures to get to this tower… to be directly above it… to be in position where I can direct a perfect alignment of myself right in the dead center of the very top.

Other people are involved for this docking to take place and I am communicating with someone inside the tower, laughing and telling the person how to readjust the tower relative to me.  He is saying “wait a minute, wait a minute… you’re a step ahead of me”.  And I say “maybe so, but do you realize what a good time I’m having doing this?”


 Yes, that is the feeling of joy, of being in sync with the world around you, that ‘I’  feel all the time.  And it is the reason ‘I’ am here on Earth.  So humanity can experience it for yourself.  

Well we certainly have a long way to go, don’t we?   We don’t feel in sync with anything these days…

…except maybe for people who look like you, or pray like you, or talk like you… and that is the problem.  You don’t even relate to other humans, much less other living beings.  It could prove your downfall.  

In order to survive as a planetary system, humanity must learn to be in sync with all living beings… including planet Earth.  Humanity is like the little thorny burrs sticking up out of a Covid-19 molecule. They may be the ones who spread the disease, but they cannot survive if the big sphere on which they live has no life.  Neither can humanity.  If Earth dies… you all die.  You must learn you are all connected.

Yes.  We must.  And that’s a good thought to hold on to till next time when we will look at the craziness going on in the world through New Consciousness and The Elder’s ‘I’.   We look forward to your comments.


And if you haven’t already, go to www.rovingi.net  and for free, download Handbook of the New Consciousness and Tao of the New Consciousness… written to help humanity survive and evolve into a new era of Perpetual Peace and Universal Understanding.  Ever better.

peace…….ag and The Elder


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