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The Real Reason For The Recession – 3


Personal greed has not always been the driving force behind human self interest.  There was a time, long before the modern era, long before Capitalism and the rise of Hominum Economicus when individuals knew that they couldn’t make it out there on their own.   

Whether the enemy was a lack of food, some other hostile clan, or marauding sabre-toothed tigers, you were part of a tribe, a family, a closely knit group that needed to survive as a unit if you or any other member were to survive as individuals.  In fact, that’s how you thought of yourself, not as a singular individual but as a member of that group.  If asked you would say “I am Bear Clan”, rather than answer with any particular personal identification.  And whether your individual abilities were used as an elder, a hunter, a gatherer, or tender of the young, you played your role for the good of the whole, counting on others to do the same so you all could survive.  

We seem to have come a long way since then.  While our intellect has developed far beyond what those so-called primitive human beings were like, we have lost that sense of Oneness, that feeling of being an integral part of a greater whole that added mystique and meaning to their lives.  Our identifying sense of self has narrowed down to the boundaries of our physical bodies.  Physicist David Bohm and Indian mystic J. Krishnamurti, in their book, The Ending of Time, even question whether humanity took a “wrong turn” in our development along the way.  Personally, I cannot believe that to be the case, since what has happened since then is simply the manifestation of the evolutionary process.  If this is the way we turned out, (either through natural selection or the will of a higher consciousness, take your choice), it’s not our fault!  However, now that we are aware of the situation, now that we know that individual greed is causing pain and suffering for all, as well as defiling the very planet on which we all must live and risking humanity’s very existence, now there is no longer any excuse.

It is time for evolution to make its next quantum leap.  Just as every individual cell in our body performs its function in the very best way it can so that the entire organism can thrive, so must we, as individual cells in the world organism, perform our best for the good and welfare of the whole.  But while the cells in our body perform their functions instinctively, without cognitive knowledge of what they are doing or how they contribute to the greater good, we have intellect.  We can think, we can reason, we can understand how we fit into a greater, living reality.  How wonderful that each of us is different, each of us is unique.  Look how much more we can create this way.  Think how boring it would be if we were simply each other’s clones.  All we need is to be aware.

That is what this blog is all about.  And that is the goal behind<GamesofConsciousness.com>, currently under construction, where you will be able to play games and do exercises that will allow you to feel and experience this new consciousness for yourself.  We have evolved to the point where we can affect the world’s economy, we can affect global warming, and we can affect the coming of humanity’s new evolutionary phase.

And how do we know what our role is in this Grand Scheme of Things?  Well, what do you want it to be?  What feels natural to you?  What do you like doing?  Take a look at the quote from Dr. Haridas Chaudhuri posted in the left hand column of this blog.  Read it, think about it, feel it.  What are your higher values?  What are your talents and handicaps?  What thing of beauty and joy can you create?   A new world order is evolving and you are invited to be a part.


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