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Who We Are What We Are

Welcome to The Roving ‘I’… the experience of  New Consciousness… the growing understanding that when we say “I AM”… we are speaking fact…  and anything we say after that is just an adjective.

From earliest times humans have related to the adjectives that separate us… the separate bodies… ideas… experiences… emotions… those things that make us different… separate… me from you… you from me.  And we’ve even given these different things names…

black… white… brown… yellow… red… male… female… young… old… rich… poor… American… Asian… African… Christian… Muslim… Jewish… Atheist…                          blah… blah… blah… … … …

New Consciousness says….  “Yes.  That is true.  No two of you are exactly the same on the outside.  But that “I AM” feeling we each have at our core doesn’t just feel the same for each of us… it is the same “I AM” for all of us.   There’s really only One of us here… looking out at the world through any number of different bodies, minds, and adjectives. This awareness is New Consciousness.

My “I” is not just the same as your “I”… it is the same “I”.   No matter which one of us says it.  Wow.  Know that we share our “I” and your individual I becomes ‘I’.    Be ‘I’… Experience the New Consciousness.

I am separate… ‘I’ am connected.  Everything is different now.  Really.  And this is just as true for the ‘I’ reading these words ‘now’ as it is for the ‘I’ writing these words ‘now’.  When enough of us know ‘I’ and feel ‘I’ and live ‘I’… it will be a major evolutionary step in the development of life on Earth… as big as when some primal being gained consciousness and experienced individual I in the first place.

So this is why The Roving ‘I’ is here… to help you experience and be a part of the New Consciousness.  To experience your ‘I’.  And that’s why we’re so glad you joined us.  You see, this giant evolutionary leap, unlike all previous ones in the history of Earth, is voluntary… so welcome aboard.

* * *


Very important.  This is not a religious site… but it respects all religious paths that do not force their beliefs on others.  And it’s not a scientific site… though it respects scientific findings and honors reason and logic.  The Roving ‘I’ does what it does precisely because it bridges the gap between science and religion… explaining the evolution of human consciousness in an accessible experiential way that will make sense to the devout believer, the dogmatic atheist, and everyone in between.  The Roving ‘I’ touches the immediate, immanent shared experience of existence that truly makes us One… no matter what we want to call it.

The Roving ‘I’  is not just about the New Consciousness… it is the New Consciousness… designed to lead us each to the “I AM” within us all.”


ps… ‘I’ will be posting several times a week for starters.   ‘I’ will be growing larger over time as you all come on board and we begin to work ‘I’ to ‘I’.

pps … The Roving ‘I’ site  is under construction.  Meanwhile, feel free to poke around this old archival site if you wish.





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  1. I hope to see you this very Sunday at CIF. I graduated from CIIS in 1983. I have used the mantra I AM since I spent time at Neem Karoli Baba’s ashram in 1973.


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