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Welcome back. ag here... and the Elder as well. Still searching for a name for this blog.

What about the one we’re using today?

You like it?


It is done. So today I’d like to ask why The Elder showed up with The Message at this particular time. Does it have anything to with what is going on in the world today?

And of course, the answer is obviously and without any hesitation… YES. It does. The Message that ‘I’ bring is about Oneness… the fact that not only is all humanity One… something humanity obviously has not yet figured out… but all humanity is One with the planet. Humanity is on a path to destroy Earth and all other living species and ‘I’ am here to help you change direction and keep Global Warming from happening.

I understand and honor the ultimate message. But given how long we have been destroying Earth, why pick now… in the midst of a global pandemic, economic crisis, racial unrest, and anti-police protests… to land and talk about Global Warming?

Ahh. Because I am not here to talk about Global Warming… at least not in your immediate here and now. That will occur once you learn the lesson you are getting now and realize you are all part of the Oneness. This is the perfect opportunity to get people to focus… to come together… to recognize the things they have in common… the things they are in common. Only by coming together against a common foe, in this case coronavirus. will humanity begin to place more importance on your connections than on your differences. This is the lesson of today.

And how does all the racial unrest fit in?

Ahhh. That is an even more intimate opportunity to look out at the world and see it through another’s ‘I’. Imagine. Everything physical… everything you can measure out there is still the same. But from here… inside… the experiential reality is different from one person to another. It is like you are each wearing glasses that block a certain color. You see the same thing differently and cannot see what the other sees.

Well, of course, that’s true. Certainly we experience life differently from each other.

Yes. But life was not designed to be more difficult just because of the color of your skin. It is only humans who have created that reality. Systemic racism is a chance for humanity to practice seeing ‘I’ to ‘I’.

Something we will learn one way or another. And to help with that evolutionary step, go to www.rovingI.net to download for free, Handbook of the New Consciousness by ag and Tao of the New Consciousness by The Elder.

Till next time when I and ‘I’ will discuss this different view of the same reality from the perspective of quantum physics. Thanks for reading… ever better.

peace……………ag and The Elder


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