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Welcome to the Future


Human consciousness is currently going through a major evolution.  In the same way that our mind evolved out of pre-human mind so long, long ago, adding new and undreamed of capabilities to animal mind, a new mode of awareness seems to be generating from within our current experiential human state.  When it takes hold, it, too, will bestow on us a similar type of qualitative change. 

Were this a physical evolution taking place, something such as the emergence of a sixth finger or a new blood type that never existed before, we wouldn’t doubt its reality.  It would be easy to see with the naked eye or some fancy instrument of technology and we could observe and measure its evolutionary progress.  But this development is proceeding in the immeasurable conscious awareness internal to humankind.  Its existence cannot be measured and can only be experienced individually, though its effects and the results of its application can be recognized collectively. 

Computer generated op art can serve as a metaphor for the new consciousness.  Someone may tell us there’s a picture hidden in what appears to be a mere mass of color and abstract pattern, and we may stare and squint and cross our eyes until we get a headache, but the image remains hidden until we actually see it.  And when we do, suddenly…

 — POW —

…there it is, a picture that had been there all along, hidden only by the fact that we didn’t know how to look.  Once we see it, of course, we can always go back and see it again, for now we know how to focus our eyes.

Such is the case with the new consciousness.  Nothing need change in the external world for this new awareness to take place within us.  All that must change is how we focus our minds.  And when we do, our view of the world will change along with what we bring to our meeting with that world.  We will experience ourselves in a way that adds new perspective and meaning to our lives as well as seeing meaning in a world that is commonly viewed as a mere mass of confusion and random happenings.  

This newly evolving consciousness, what I call the Integral Paradigm, is what this blog and it’s connected web site are all about:  

<TheHigherConsciousness.com> will examine events of the world that demonstrate either the new consciousness in action or its blatant disregard by those who are fighting the inevitable. 

. <GamesofConsciousness.com> will take you deep into your own mind with experiential games and exercises that should help you understand  and experience this new consciousness for yourself.

This new consciousness is coming whether we want it to or not.  From where I sit, observing humanity around me, anything we can do to hurry it along is a good idea.  You are invited to step into the future.


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