…linking intellect and intuition…
Who We Are What We Are

Yes!  It came to me, today.  What I’m going to do and how I’m going to do it.  God… life can be grand when you just let it happen… and pay attention to the signs.

I’ve got the book. How’s this for a grabber?

“I AM”

as told to Anton Grosz, PhD


I can write as “I AM”  I can be ‘I’.  It can all come together. Awesome.

And this is even cooler.  I can change this as I do it.   Example: The title you see several lines up is not the one that was on the site when I first posted it.  How cool is that.  I can go back and change the direction ‘I’ want my future to flow and no one even knows it but ‘I’.

But first… I should take care of a few other pieces of business…  Heidi and the small claim against the landlord.  I can write those letters tomorrow after coming back from hospice.  Busy… busy… busy.




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