…linking intellect and intuition…
Who We Are What We Are

Hospice day.  It simply amazes me.  Here I am standing by the bedside… praying for the person who is lying in the bed.  Trying to feel se feelings… physical… mental… spiritual.  Praying in se religion, to the One.  “May what is supposed to happen, happen”, I say, ” and without pain or suffering for anyone.”  And I mean it with all my heart.

And that is what  amazes me.  I… this little piece of meat writing this post… who grew up believing God did not exist.  Now… here ‘I’ am… this significantly older piece of meat… knowing the exact opposite is true.  Praying with all my heart to the Oneness for the welfare of another… knowing the power of prayer.  “I” lives within us all as our very own… I.  My prayers come inward towards the One.  And to think… I once didn’t even know  ‘I’  exist.



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