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Who We Are What We Are

Woke up today with an amazing realization.  I can write a one-page abstract and send it out everywhere offering my deeper writings and analysis.  Whoever picks it up, I’ll work with them.  If no one picks it up… I guess that’s what was supposed to happen.  Here’s what I wrote today.

How It All Works…

  1. Consciousness… the “I am” feeling each of us experiences within… is the Oneness that fills the Universe. Religion calls it God. Science calls it Dark Matter/Energy. Same Thing. It exists within and without everything in space/time.
  1. Consciousness is the experiential synapse between Inside and Outside. “I” can only experience myself in here if “I” can define something as ‘not self’ out there. No dark without light, no light without dark. This is why nothing exists before the Big Bang.
  1. Consciousness equals the speed of light squared. C = c2. The material universe is created when consciousness sloughs off some of its infinite possibilities at the speed of light to manifest particular conceptual potentials in space/time.
  1. Consciousness equals energy over matter. C = e/m. Matter in space/time is not conscious, but a ‘housing’ for conscious energy. From star to human, a being’s awareness of its inner consciousness is related to its ratio of energy to matter.
  1. Consciousness does not care whether humans continue to exist or not. We will survive as a species based on our ability to co-operate with other existing beings with which we interact and on which we depend. e.g. other humans… Planet Earth.
  1. Event horizons surround all beings in space/time containing Self-conscious awareness. Thus every being experiencing “I am” is a black hole for every other being. This is true for humans or stars. No being can penetrate another’s “I am” from the outside.
  1. We can, however, penetrate celestial event horizons by removing the individual characteristics from our personal event horizons, allowing examination of the commonalities we share that have existed from the beginning of space/time.

* * *

Not a bad day.




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