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Who We Are What We Are

(cont’d from yesterday)

The problem is that up till now, these thoughts have not been able to be tied down by mathematics and have been labeled religion and belief systems, both of which are antithetical to scientists. But what if the experience the ancients had was correct but could not by proved simply because scientific thinking had not progressed enough to meet it half way? And if the findings of modern quantum physics could now allow this subjectivity to become objective? That would be big.

This, therefore, is the purpose of this article… to share my experiential, reproducible, phenomenological findings with modern science. Do not hold against them the fact that they may agree with some belief systems that you hold to be less than scientific. Rather, apply them to your scientific theories, and see how they fit. Which of your models match? How does the external measurable math fit the internal meaningful experiences? You are a mathematician. I am not. This is why we have to work together.

By the way, it is not that surprising that it has taken this long for humanity to reach a point where it can finally step to the side to examine the consciousness that exists inside, outside, and everywhere in between. In the words of the old Sufi saying, “I don’t know who it was who first discovered water, but it certainly wasn’t a fish.”



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