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Today is the start of the Re:Imagine End of Life Week here in the Bay Area.  One entire week dedicated to opening up to and talking about death and dying.  I’ll be heading out to Grace Cathedral for the opening ceremony tonight.  I wonder how many people will participate?  Will this actually bring in people who have been loathe to talk about or consider the natural act of dying, or will it just draw the professionals in the field, such as me?  I’ll let you know.



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  1. Betty Burr

    I’m writing to find out whether this Anton Grosz is the same person who worked in my little training company over 12 years ago. I came across your name today on the Re-Imagine website. I would enjoy reconnecting because of the work you do. I have shifted my work into helping the elderly and contemplating end of life from a spiritual point of view.

    If you would like to talk, please email me at the above address.


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