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At the start of the new month a reminder of why this blog was put forth to begin with.  One reason was simply the discipline of posting every day for an entire year starting on January 1 and continuing right through till December 31.  So far, I haven’t missed a beat.  However, the purpose of the content was to chronicle the events regarding my philosophy and writings and to keep me focused on what I’m trying to do and how I’m trying to do it.   So, here’s where we stand at the moment.

I’ve finished, Shredding the Event Horizon, the article relating consciousness studies and quantum physics, finished Tao of the New Consciousness, the collection of 81 verses paralleling the original Tao, and am 85% through with Handbook of the New Consciousness, the do-it-yourself book allowing others to share this new way of experiencing reality.  I have made contact with Open Ideo through Re:Imagine End of Life, although the connection is somewhat tenuous, and made real serious contact with Aging With Dignity, the organization behind the internationally known and respected Five Wishes. Still two months to go and hopefully, like an asymptotic function, things will shoot up even stronger the closer we get to the end.  Fun.



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