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Who We Are What We Are

Okay.  What a week.  From the election on down, it has been an energy shifter.  For me, personally, on the negative side, after visiting a neurologist, I will lose my driver’s license for an  unspecified time till it can be discovered why I blacked out several times this past year.  Could it be the epilepsy that hit my mother and uncle at age 39?  Whatever the findings, it will at least cause a major shift in my life as regards my hospice work.  I am about to generate a new norm.

On the positive side, I just sent the article Shredding the Event Horizon, off  to Dr. Stephen Hawking. Let the marketing of the Roving ‘I’ begin.  Now do something with the other three…  “I AM” Here… Handbook of the New Consciousness… and Tao of the New Consciousness.  I’ll keep you informed.



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