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Who We Are What We Are

Just Doing What “I AM” Asked… an Autobiography of God.  [working title]

On the whole it’s been a good day.  After dropping  Emma at her client, I checked in at CPMC for an eeg, had a really interesting discussion with the tech about consciousness… told him I’d send him a copy of the article I sent to Hawking… raced across town to St. Luke’s because the machine at Davies was broken but they could squeeze me in for the MRI there, got home and the mail hadn’t come yet from the DMV voiding my license till they find out why I’ve had those seizures… which means I can drive another day.

So I figured it’s a good day to start the novel.  Why not.  I’ve got to blog anyway, right?  So today’s post will be the first paragraph of the book.  Here’s where it starts.  In my brain… in my mind… in here where “I AM”.



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