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Who We Are What We Are

So here’s my new take on pot.  Yes, I have smoked it in the past and found it moved my ‘I’ from just being inside this piece of meat known as Anton to being the “I” at the start of and throughout the universe.  However, since I now know that’s who ‘I’ really am, there appears to be no need to continue using, since I know that as soon as this body dies, I will be in that space for a very very long period of time.  Therefore, since my “I” is eternal, I should spend the few years left in this body by living in this body.  Clearly it is both short term and what “I AM” wanted to experience enough to produce this body in the first place.   And since the pot has been provoking these apparent epileptic seizures, clearly no more smoking.  Let the new phase in my life begin.



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