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Who We Are What We Are

Just to clarify something from yesterday’s post when I talked about ‘living in this body’.  Obviously, that’s what I’ve been doing all along, ever since I’ve been born.  And for the first 37 years of my life, like just about everyone else on this planet, I’ve assumed that this body and mind and emotions and skills and talents that come with it was who I am.

Then, as you know, I died and experienced something else… a dimension far beyond anything I thought possible.  It was so different and so exciting that my life took a 180º turn and I began looking at this new reality.  After many years of study… which included using marijuana to help me ‘separate’ from my body… I discovered that, same as everybody else, I am really “I AM THAT I AM” and everything else about me was just adjectives.  But even knowing that, I kept smoking, because it still made it easier for me to separate from my body and experience the ‘higher’ state.

It is only now that I realize that in a couple of years or so, I’m going to be back in “I AM” with a vengeance… no physical body to hide inside.  Therefore, for these next few years I should be “I AM” looking out through these sets of filters and adjectives while I’ve got them to play with.  That’s what I mean by living in this body.  It’s a big difference from the first half of my life when I thought that was all I was.  Now I know who I really am and since this is the character I’m playing this time around, I should play it to the hilt.  That’s why I won’t smoke anymore.  It separates me from my body and I no longer want to do that.  Makes sense when you really think about it.



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