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Who We Are What We Are

So today, Pres. Trump said that the United States will back out of the Paris Accord limiting carbon emissions in order to stop global warming.  He either doesn’t understand the concept or he feels that economic interests, particularly his own, are worth risking the future of the planet.  It’s truly amazing that one person can have so much power and the ability to negate what took years of work and negotiation from so many other people to achieve.

Equally interesting is the fact that when the next president comes into office and wishes to renew our connection with the rest of the world, we will no longer be in the forefront of the anti global-warming effort, but will have to sit in the back of the room watching as others design and run the show.  Far from Making America Great Again, #IdiotTrump has taken America down a notch on the world stage. Make America An Outsider might be a good slogan for what he has done for us on the international stage.

Meanwhile, I will continue to look for the positive in his presidency.  Causing the average person to look for and find strength within one’s own being is a good place to start.



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