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Who We Are What We Are

Who would have thunk it, but today I turn 77.  This little piece of meat, this combination of loving thoughts and snarky comments, this fabulous machine that can take all kinds of inputs from Trader Joe’s and turn them into usable fertilizer, this musician, writer, husband, father, grandfather, yogi, chaplain, Scrabble player, cribbage player, and baseball fan is another year older.  Who would have thunk it?

Will there be any difference?  Will I be nicer, or kinder, or more worthy of taking up space on the planet?  This time next year, if I make it that far, will someone somewhere be grateful that I did? That’s hard to say.  I do know that I will continue living according to my three rules of life and we’ll just have to see where it comes out.  1. Be Happy.  2. Be Kind.  3. That’s It.  How bad can that be?



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