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Who We Are What We Are

So about three months ago I lost a bracelet that I had fashioned and had been wearing daily.  It had special meaning for me because I had actually made two of them and given one to a hospice patient of mine whom I had gotten very close to.  At his funeral, I saw that his son was now wearing it.  So clearly at least two people think of Reggie when they see the bracelet.  Anyway, after losing it on a shopping trip to Trader Joe’s, (I even checked with their lost and found), I took a Buddhist approach of non-attachment and let it go, opting to wear another one that I had purchased at a street fair years earlier.  Then today, while shopping at TJ’s I grabbed a shopping bag that I haven’t used for a while, and there it was, lying inside right where it landed when it fell off on that long ago shopping trip. Thank you.  Unexpected pleasures are really great.



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