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Who We Are What We Are

And So It Begins

The last post spoke about achieving higher consciousness and improving the world by starting with the subject you know best… yourself.  Less complaining about all the other doofuses out there and more focus on being the shining light you know you can be… the very best “you” possible.    Well that goes for me, too, the guy writing this blog.  The old saw, “Do what I say, not what I do,”  just doesn’t hold water anymore.  If I want you to believe what I say then I have to lead by example.

Now having celebrated my 70th birthday earlier this month, (my God, is he really that old???), I think it’s a fine time to begin taking out the trash, filing down the rough spots, and getting rid of the warts and blemishes I’ve been carrying around lo these many years.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think of myself as bad, as I hope you don’t see yourself.  It’s just that we’re human and I know, for me, I’ve used that as an excuse for holding onto my less than perfections, in some cases with a death grip that defies logic and minimizes any chance of moving up on the evolutionary scale.  And let’s face it, how much time do I have left to work out the kinks?

So with full knowledge that putting these words on the net makes them public and commits me to following through on what they say, I commit myself to reaching for the next rung.  This time next year can I be thinner, stronger, more peaceful, patient, compassionate, and loving?  Will I work out more or just continue to say I should, drive at the speed limit instead of five miles faster, cut down on the chocolate and coffee, and actually use toothpaste when I brush?  Can I neaten my desk, do my daily chores and then nap, cease from arguing with those I love over the nuances of words, and stop visualizing potential conflicts in my life that never materialize but still leave me tense?  Can I send love to those I hate, or better yet, can I just not hate?  Can I become the man I’d like to be?

Why not!  Other people have challenged themselves to reach certain goals… to sail solo around the world, to earn a million by the time they’re thirty, to win a championship, find a cure, gain their freedom, you name it.  Human aspirations are limitless.  So why not a simple one like this that doesn’t even require anything from the outside world to make it happen?  All I need is to open the channel within and tap into the strength and power that already exists at my very core.

And what will the results be if I am successful?  Will I be less critical of others, react less when someone cuts in front in traffic, complain less when things don’t go my way?  Will I be more relaxed, clear headed, and joyful?  Will my blood pressure be lower, my stamina greater, my clothes fit better?  Will I be perfect?  Well no.   Of course not.  Only The Absolute is perfect.  But I can be the perfect Me, unfettered by the gnawing words, “I should” or “I shouldn’t have”.

And so it begins.  The first day of the rest of my life.  What a cliche, but absolutely true. Nobody can go back and change the past.  But everyone can create a new future.   Mine starts now.


* * *

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