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Who Am ‘I’? – Part 2

The last post questioned whether or not we really are the body we inhabit… the physical being we identify with, walk around inside of, and use for our interactions with the world around us.  This post, we’re going to go inside that body to see who’s actually in there.  No, we’re not talking about some alien, dybbuk, or evil spirit that has taken us over and has to be exorcized so we can return to our normal selves.  We’re talking about something naturally within that’s actually a little closer to who we really are.

Now when I say we’re going “inside” our body to look for our true selves, of course I don’t mean physically.  We’re not our liver or spleen or any other internal organ any more than we are our arms, legs, or head.  However, there are some subtle non-physical characteristics that are not visible that may actually define us better than just what can be seen.

Take our thoughts, for example.  Lots of people say that thoughts are what really define us.  We can have good thoughts or bad thoughts, kind thoughts or evil thoughts.  And you can’t tell what a person is thinking just by looking at him.  That’s why we say that “looks are deceiving”, why scam artists like Bernie Madoff can rob people blind, and why we tell our children not to talk to strangers. Yup, thoughts and beliefs lie hidden within us, don’t show up for all to see, and are very personal. So is that what defines us?  Is that who we truly are?  Our thoughts?

The problem here is that thoughts change, constantly, over and over.  You may be walking down the street thinking about the weekend, let’s say, when you meet someone from the office and start thinking and talking about work.  Pictures of ski lifts or beaches have been replaced in your head with visions of paper bag dinners and IRS audits.  But have you changed?  I don’t think so.  You are still the one having the multitude of thoughts.

And what about that scam artist or child molester or murderer?  Even people like that have had prison conversions and flashes of conscience and changed their whole way of thinking.  I’m not saying they should not be punished for what they may have done to others, but isn’t the former gang member working within the the community a different person than the one who shot up liquor stores as a teen?  Or is he?  This is getting very confusing.

All I know is that if, as an infant, I would have been the sole survivor of a plane crash in the Australian outback and been raised by Aborigines, my thoughts and beliefs today would be a lot different than they currently are.  But I’d still be me.  I’d still be ‘I’.

There’s no way my thoughts define who I am at my most basic core.  So what’s left?  Emotions? Our non-thinking gut reactions to the world out there?  We’ll take a look at them next time on The Road to Higher Consciousness.  To be continued…


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