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Reflections On Prop 8


It always strikes me as funny in a “black humor” sort of way that it is the people who most loudly and most prominently shout the Lord’s name who act so overtly against the Lord’s word.  Take war, for example.  

More than one spokesman, prophet, guru, messiah, (call them what you will), have clearly said, “Thou shalt not kill”, yet throughout history it is the folks wearing their own particular symbol of God around their neck who are out in the forefront ridding the world of people wearing a different symbol of God.  While all sides seem to share a general agreement that there is only one Supreme Creator who has created everything, there still seems to be a problem if some of those everythings are not exactly the same!

Which brings us to Proposition 8, the latest proof that the Dark Ages are alive and well in America in what used to be the Golden State and the land of hope and opportunity.  We all know the details by now.  A California Supreme Court ruling allowing same sex marriages, followed by a bunch of gay and lesbian unions in San Francisco, followed by a vote changing the State Constitution, followed by a ruling today upholding both that vote and the marriages that already took place, followed by… who knows what.  Suffice it to say, the conflict between the warring factions is not over.

So how do we look at this from a “higher consciousness”?  I can only speak for me.

Personally, I am not gay.  I have been married for a very long time to a very lovely lady whom I love very much and who shares my name, my home, my hopes, my dreams, and half of the genes carried by my children.  However, here’s the cool thing.  I’m so comfortable in that relationship that I don’t feel threatened by other people’s relationships.  Call me naive, but it doesn’t bother me or endanger my union when I see other relationships that are inter-racial, cross-religious, May-December, heterosexual, homosexual, or that rarest of all, Republican-Democrat.  When I see a couple walking down the street holding hands, I actually feel good knowing that two other people may be experiencing the same closeness, joy, and feelings of love that I have felt over the years.  And somehow or other, that’s what I believe to be the ultimate message, that Love itself, not one particular kind of love, is good and beautiful and a reflection of the Highest.  

Why should I care whom someone else loves, provided both parties are of age and are entering into the relationship by choice?   Why should someone else’s relationship affect me any more than someone else’s religion, or favorite music, or favorite foods, or choice of clothing?  And even greater chutzpah, who am I to claim that I know what the Ultimate Source of Creation has in mind as the right way to do things?  Yeah, you need one of each kind in order to reproduce.  But where is it written that love is only about reproduction?  

Once again, we are back to some people trying to tell some other people what to do, how to think, and how to behave.  Enough already.  Live your life, find your joy, spread love, give hope, rejoice with the happy, grieve with the sad, have compassion for the unfortunate, and by no means do what I’ve just done… tell you how to live your life.  See how easy it is to fall into that trap?  

Just know that whatever you believe, however you live your life, you are as much a child of the Universe as anyone else.  Let us celebrate our diversity as unique human beings and experience our unity as the common source of Being within us all.  Do not forget, there are no limits to what the Ultimate Creative Force can turn Itself into.


* * *