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Slept late today.  Don’t tell me there is no advantage to being retired and not having to get up bright and early on a Monday morning to go to work.  Got a lot of work done before brunch.  Planning promotion for the April workshop and dealing with the insurance company about getting our car fixed. Not everything one does is earth shattering.  Sometimes it’s only fender shattering.   We were hit while we were parked, by the way.

Back onto the quantum physics article.  Exciting.  Behind me, on her computer, my wife is checking out snorkeling equipment on line.  We’re going to St. Croix for a couple of weeks at the end of February.  Also exciting.   Three hours later, have a snorkel in my gym bag to try out at the pool.  Just thinking of them earlier today.  Now have one within my reach.  Ever better.

But enough about me.  I told you yesterday that there are actually three of us writing this.  Well, it’s true. So here’s a little bit more about us.  Silverman Here – Jan 11  Yes, it gets a little complicated. But so is life.  As far as The Roving ‘I’ we’re talking about, that’s the title of the book we’re working on.  You’ll see.  You’re part of making it a reality.







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  1. …the inner call to be awake clashes with accepted patterns of day-to-day existence whose successful completion, ironically, require that one remains largely asleep!


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