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Who We Are What We Are

What if, centuries from¬†now, historians think¬†of the coronavirus not as a pandemic that killed millions of people but¬†as¬†a purifier… the catalyst that finally brought humanity¬†together and got them to agree on global warming. ¬†¬† How cool would that be? Think back to what we were reading about before Covid-19 grabbed all the headlines. ¬†Everyday, somewhere […]

It’s like an¬†episode of Star Trek. ¬†As the show opens, starship Enterprise has been taken over by an invisible energy field that is messing with¬†the main computer, warp drive and life support systems. ¬†It is also¬†making people sick, with one even¬†dying… a crew member¬†we’ve never seen before. ¬†The crew has an hour to use all […]