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1st Aired: 28 Sep 2015

“I’ve come to realize that my vanity cards are the perfect vehicle to explore the vainest thing imaginable, the ego. The illusory self. The mind-made, compulsively thinking entity that usurped the mantle of “I” from the eternal and infinite consciousness from which it sprang. The never-satisfied ghost in the machine that believes itself to be separate from the rest of creation and exists in a constant state of dread because it knows it is temporal, a phantasm. In other words, “I think therefore I am” is false. “I am that I am” is true. Now I just have to figure out how to turn this into a sitcom. My working title is either “Hey, Eckhart!” or “For Whom the Tolle Tolls.”  …”

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Dear Chuck…

Yes!  A great sitcom.  Here’s how you do it.  My working title is “Watts Knew”.

So it all takes place in a nursing home… like the ones I visit in my day job as spiritual counselor for a local hospice. Talk about characters… residents and staff… have a field day.

They meet for meals… exercise classes you have to see to believe… and guest speakers.  Once a week, the local spiritual counselor comes in for a session about… death.  Why death?  Why not?  It’s “What’s Happening!”

The goal is to get the old folks to do exactly what you speak of in vc#502… recognize their absolute core… “I”… and separate from the physical limitations… thoughts… dreams… and emotions… of their own individual ‘I’.    If they can be there when they die… they die without pain, without fear, without regret.

And even better, if they can be there while they are still alive, their minds can take them to those special periods in their past that shaped who they are now… or the places they always wanted to be… or the person they always wanted to be.  They can go anywhere you and your writers want to take them.

But wait… there’s more!  Each character has several alter egos that affect and change each other at different times of their lives.  And since it is in the mind of the character in the present time as well… the interactive possibilities are endless.   You can watch yourself watching yourself.  All the things Inside Out could have done but didn’t.

I digress.  My night job for the past thirty-seven years has been the study and practice of New Consciousness…  knowing that when we say “I AM” we are speaking fact.  And that anything we say after that is just an adjective.  The work is done… written… ready to go… and I have been waiting for a sign from the universe as to what happens next.  How does it get into the world.

A sitcom?  Really?  Who would have thought.   I do know that the show would actually play a role in the evolution of humanity.  How cool is that!

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