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Who We Are What We Are

Handbook of the New Consciousness has just been entered in an international challenge put out by OpenIdeo and a philanthropic organization to handle global challenges at the intersection of peace, prosperity, and planet in radically new ways.  I offered my work as a way of Teaching the inner Oneness that connects us to the universe and each other… a necessary evolutionary step for the survival of our species. In honoring the other entrants I wrote…

Today’s world is a hotbed of hatred and fear, terror and inhumanity.  While any individual plan to bridge peace, planet, and prosperity may succeed with proper support and dedicated local leadership, at least for a while, the potential for worldwide disaster still exists without a major change in how humans view each other and the planet on which we live.

Unfortunately, I believe that to be true.  Until we truly learn that there is only One of us here in different forms, survival of humanity is an iffy thing at best.  Who knows… bringing it to the very edge could all be part of the larger plan.



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